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Joseph Daniel Karthman

3714 Binz-Engleman Rd. San Antonio, TX 78219
Cell Phone:
(210) 478-7257
Country of Citizenship:
United States
Social Security Number:
Email Address:
University of Texas at San Antonio, 1 UTSA Cir, San Antonio, Texas 78249 (210) 458-4011
Fall, 2012 to Present
Major: Multidisciplinary Studies
Credits Earned: 90
GPA: 2.8
Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science Expected Graduation Date: December, 2015
San Antonio College, 1300 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 486-0000
Fall, 2007 to Spring, 2012
Credits Earned: 63
Credits Transferred In: 63 GPA: 3.2
Degree Earned: Associate of Applied Science
Degree Earned: Associate of Criminal Justice
Saint Xavier High School, 1609 Poplar Level Rd. Louisville, KY 40217 (502) 637-4712
High School Diploma: May, 2005
Work Experience:
Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Position: Stocker/Laborer

2831 Henry T Allen Rd, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78208

Supervisor: Anthony Russell, (210) 833-0414
Hours per week: 25-32 Hourly Wage: $9.87
May, 2007- April, 2013
Duties and Responsibilities:
7 years of experience with customer service
Running cash register
Familiarizing with store merchandise locations
Stocking merchandise
Assembling equipment
Carry outs of heavy merchandise/equipment
Leading fellow associates to perform tasks and operations.
Experienced in shipping and receiving merchandise from other installations, Fed ex/UPS using
Position: Cashier

406 Farm-To-Market Road 375, Eagle Pass, TX 78852

Supervisor: Rogelio Ornelas, (830) 773-3177
Hours per week: 32
Aug, 2005 Apr, 2007


Duties and Responsibilities:

Greeted customers and seated them at appropriate tables for servers

Helped provide service for customers
Maintained and organized lobby
Cashier - helped customers with purchases
Cleaned and prepared tables for the next customers

Texas Army National Guard

Position: 91F Small Arms/Artillery Repair
BLDG 75, 2200 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78731 (512) 782-6757
Dec, 2005 Present
Rank: E-4/SPC
Duties and Responsibilities:
Taking accountability/Inventory as well as PMCS in armory/vehicles
Driving US military vehicles and setting up equipment.
Airborne and Air Assault Qualified
Familiar with patrolling and squad statics.
Land Navigation Proficient
Administrative work proficient

University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department

Position: Public Safety Officer
1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249 (210) 458-4243
Hours per week: 40
Hourly Wage: $12:50
Aug, 2014 Present
Duties and Responsibilities:
Patrol Buildings and exterior areas.
Compose reports
Ensure building equipment and structures are of no hazard
Provide services to students and faculty
Enforced law and university policies
Abercrombie and Fitch
Position: Model
Flatirons Mall One West Flatiron Crossing Drive, Suite 1083, Broomfield, CO - 720-887-9900
Hours per week: 30Hourly Wage: $6.25 (seasonal)
May 2011- Aug 2011
Duties and Responsibilities:
Inventory upkeep and display
Assisted customers with purchases
Stocked merchandise
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


Computer & Office Skills:

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and web-based communications
Database usage
Search engines
Copy machine, fax machine and filing
Professionally answer the telephone, route calls and greet visitors
Excellent communication, organizational and administrative skills
Exceptionally strong work ethic; very high energy level
Proven ability to manage multiple projects
Outdoor Skills and Training:
Basic hiking equipment, safety, protocol, risk management
Layering techniques regulation of body temperature and keeping dry in changing
Proficient with GPS
Proficient with map and compass, excellent map navigation skills and orienteering
Backpacking experience in mountainous and desert terrains
Knowledge of correctly packing large 45+ pound backpack
Ability to carry 45+ pound pack over rough, steep, rocky mountainous terrain
Knowledge of Tread Lightly principles in mountain and desert environments
Able to quickly and efficiently set up free-standing tents, non-free-standing tents, tarps
Intermediate rock climbing ability
Avalanche safety knowledge
bag set-up
Water purification
Fire building matches, lighter
Indoor rock climbing
Knot tying basic camp knots
Camping 101
Emergency situations
CLS Combat Life Saver
. 9mm pistol
12 gauge shotgun
M-16 semi- automatic rifle
M4 Carbine semi- automatic rifle
M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle
60mm mortar system
81mm mortar system
120mm mortar system
M2 Browning .50 caliber Heavy machine gun
Hand-held Fragmentation Grenade
Hand-held Training Grenade
(AT-4) Anti-Tank rocket launcher
7.62mm 240B Medium machine gun
5.56mm M249 (SAW) Squad Automatic Weapon


Tool Proficiency:
Bolt cutters
Wire cutters
Power drill
Building & Construction:
Painting and staining
US Army Training:

2005 AT4 Rocket Launcher Training

2005 M4 Carbine Rifle Training
2005 M203 Grenade Launcher Training
2005 Berretta M9 9mm Service Pistol Training
2013 50 Caliber Machine Gun Training
2013 M240G Medium Machine Gun Training
2013 M249 Squad Automatic Weapon Training
2005 M67 Fragmentation Grenade Training
2005 Basic Army Combat Training Course
2005 CS Gas Training
2005 Combat Life Saver Training
2005 M16A2 Assault Rifle Training
2005 Basic Army Recruit Training Course

Awards & Recognition:

2005 Distinguished Honor Graduate 68W Combat Medic
2012 Cisco Networking Systems Certificate of Completion
2013 Distinguished Honor Graduate 91F Small Arms/Artillery Repair
2013 Airborne Paratrooper Graduate
2014 Air Assault Graduate
Community Involvement and Volunteer Service:
2011-2012 Haven for Hope, Food distribution
Anthony Russell, Foreman
Phone: 210-833-0414
Ssg James Rodriguez, National Guard Liason/Recruiter


One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: 210-355-2695 Email:
Jason Carrillo, 165 Karen Dr
Phone: 830-513-4562 Email: