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The Smith Family

Missionaries to Argentina
Joshua, Jennifer, Joel, Amelia & Logan

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

April, 2015

The Lord is doing wonderful things here in Argentina and we are glad to have a part in it. Since you have a part in us, there
is fruit that is abounding to your account.
If we think of fulfilling the Great Commission in terms of war, there is much ground to be gained in many theaters across
the globe. My family has been deployed to the theater of South America to the strategic battle ground of Buenos Aires,
Argentina. The enemy tactics include confusing the gospel message with Catholic traditions and Charismatic health and
wealth prosperity gospel.
We recognize that to win our country and beyond, we need to establish strong forts (churches) for every 50,000 people.
Specifically, that means we need about 15 more forts here in La Plata, 95 in Southern Greater Buenos Aires, 230 in all of
Greater Buenos Aires and over 700 in all of Argentina. We understand that this is long term trench warfare that needs
support and reinforcements from back home. The specific areas we are focusing on are: Recruitment, Communications,
Training of Soldiers, and Building Forts. (Evangelism, Radio, Bible College, and Church Planting)
Thanks to the grace of God, we have been moving forward on all fronts, with a special emphasis in the Bible College
training soldiers for the Lords Army. I am happy to report that we have 33 students enrolled in the first semester of 2015!
Please pray for these students, myself, and the other teachers as we train to fight the good fight.

For the furtherance of the Gospel, Joshua Smith

Please note a change in the P.O. Box of our support address
Personal Contact PO Box 826 Franklin, KY 42135 270.776.9111
Sending Church Faith Baptist Church Pastor David H. Pierce 1008 W Cedar St Franklin, KY 42134 270.586.8635
Support Address All Points Baptist Mission P.O. Box 977 New Philadelphia, OH 44663 330.339.1035 ext. 103