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Year 9 unit 2 - Geography of Sport

Premiership clubs 2007-8

1. In pairs discuss whether you think there is a spatial pattern to the major football
clubs in England & Wales

Club City/Town
Arsenal North London
Aston Villa North Birmingham
Birmingham City Central Birmingham
Blackburn Rovers Blackburn
Bolton Wanderers Bolton
Chelsea West London
Derby County Derby
Everton Liverpool
Fulham West London
Liverpool Liverpool
Manchester City Manchester
Manchester United Manchester
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
Newcastle United Newcastle
Portsmouth Portsmouth
Reading Reading
Sunderland Sunderland
Tottenham Hotspur North London
West Ham United East London
Wigan Athletic Wigan

2. Carefully map the Premiership clubs on a blank map of Great Britain

tlinec.pdf ). You may use an atlas to ensure accuracy.

3. Describe fully the location of these clubs.

4. Compare the location of these clubs to the population density map

( ). Do you notice any

5. Are there differences that you have noticed? Can you offer any explanations for

6. Write a summary paragraph describing and explaining the spatial pattern of

Premiership football clubs.

7. Extension – To what extent does this spatial pattern exist when considering the
location of lower level clubs? Use the interactive map at: