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Violins Oh! Susannah

Grade: 5-6

Goal: To give students ways to approach a new piece by analyzing form.

Objectives with NJ Standards: (1) Students will be able to play music from complex notation, 1.3.5.B.1.
(2) Students will be able to perform independently and in groups with expressive qualities appropriately
aligned with the stylistic characteristics of the genre, 1.3.8.B.1. (3) Students will be able to demonstrate
the basic concepts of meter, rhythm, tonality, intervals, and melodic progressions, and differentiate basic
structures, 1.1.5.B.2. (4) Students will be able to compare and contrast the use of structural forms and
the manipulation of the elements of music in diverse styles and genres of musical compositions,

Materials: Violins, bows, rosin, music stands, sheet music for Oh! Susannah, and Chorus from Judas
Maccabeus, white board & markers.

Teaching Process:
Agenda of class plans will be printed on the board.
Students with specified modifications will be given unlimited response time.
Tune all violins check open strings as a group
Review bow hold
o Students should teach a new student how to properly hold the bow and care methods.
o Looking for curved fingers and thumb bump avoid duck hand and fists.
o Bow should be tightened to play, loosened to store.
Warm-up with G-Major Scale, 2 octaves review fingering as necessary
Oh! Susannah
o Review key signature and time signature What do these tell us?
o Be my echo Ill play a few measures, and youll play back the same few measures.
o Lets skip to measure . Be my echo again.
o What can you tell me about those two sections? Are they the same or different?
They are the same! So are we using the same fingerings and bowings? Yes, of course!
o Be my echo at measure . Is this the same or different as the two sections we started with?
They are mostly the same except the last measure.
o Lets put together the entire first half of the piece. Which measure is the only one thats
different from the rest of this part? Measure .
o Review first and second endings Road map the piece.
o Lets sight-read starting at the second ending.
o Are there any parts of this B section that are similar to parts of the A section?
o Discuss the similarities and differences between how we approached section A and section
B. (Active listening versus sight-reading, and road mapping.
o Lets put the whole piece together so we have a better idea of how the whole piece goes.
Chorus from Judas Maccabeus keep in mind the key signature and what that means for our
fingerings (review).

Assessment Criteria: (1) Students understand the proper way to hold the bow and can explain the
various steps to ensure a beautiful bow hold. (2) Students perform the piece with all written dynamics.
(3) Students identify the form of the piece as well as the road map of the piece. (4) Students name
similarities and differences between Oh! Susannah, and Chorus from Judas Maccabeus