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@, NOVA FABRICA @ FloTron™X HR HIGH RESOLUTION PLASMA EMISSION MONITORING SYSTEM WITH MULTL-CHANNEL PROCESS CONTROL KEY FLOTRON™ X HR ADVANTAGES High-resolution UV-VIS-nlR plasma OES and proces conto inone compactunit Perfect plasma OES instrumentation for accurate plasma parameter identiicationandrelble determination of plasma characteristics Perfect for monitoring andor contol where mutpe plasma emissions are important ; ‘ast application areas covering mjorty of plasma-based processes (e.g. vacuum atmospheric, p= water-based, etc) : Perfect fr RD an suitable for plots well as24/7 mass production High accuracy, excelent ong term process sabiitandreproduciity Acosefectve and east integrate solution TOKEY FLOTRON" XR FEATURES 200-1100 nm DV-V-lR CD spectrometer Optical Input (0) tm Better than05 nm optical resolution FloTron’ HPINS plasma monitoring and reactive HIPINS proces control (0-5V,0-10V analog voltage and optional) 4-20mA current inputs Built-in automated sensor and process calibration procedures Advanced software features, such as Dual Sensor mode, extemally synchronized sensor data output, simultaneous mult-spectra acquisition and display ete 3 contol algorithms: ID & PDF fr clsed-lop control and EPD fr end-point detection ‘Smult-signa Acator pots on standard Flolron™ XR systems (0-5V,0-10V analog voltage outputs for highspeed data acquisition (DAQ) of sensor signals or analysis by high frequency instrumentation 9. osciloscope) PROFIBUS & PROFINET optional industrial communication interfaces FREEJAVA based Floron” Graphical User nteface anda smart fllron™ Archive Ul application fr oftine review and organisation of logged data IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS System Floren xR urptports 5 each provides owe (1-190 24, anal alan communion interes) Alga B40) 4(05or0-190106Iopton] 42070 Opti inp (SMA 0) (WS NR spectomee or bespoke Opialinputssecrlrangeandreshen ——_200-1100nm/-< 05m Aemate onl andsatusndaon Sigal puso) (ntl agin 3 propia: P,P Eater poner reurenent Powe supplyincuded Input altage: 80268 VAC nut fequeny 70 3 uicampatbity Window 7a Requires ave Rani icomen 8 UREA nin cD. Cre, 3h RAM 8, 0532 64 Rnd ale, Adapter ay. Cu cmputerreairenents Teel] PUQut