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Observation form used by University Coordinators:

CMU Student Teacher Observation
Student Teacher: _Tiffany Smith




Classroom Teacher: __Jamie Hawkins__

Date/Time/Grade__02/26/14 9:50AM 5th Gd.

Lesson: __Social Studies___

Objective: _TLW: identify the key role that key individuals played in leading
colonists to revolution.__
Observer: __Glenn
Planning uses state and local standards to plan instruction, develops
lesson that build on students background, integrates educational
technology, plans for all learners
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: A lesson plan was shared that included all
essential elements (standard, learning targets, assessment and monitoring
strategies, instructional strategies, adaptations to accommodate all learners, and a
list of resources and materials. A means to establish closure was included. Three
learning targets were generated and identified to be either simpler content, the
target objective and ultimately a more complex target. Inclusion of these in the
plan will likely assist the student teacher in meaningful engagement of ALL students
in the classroom. Outstanding! Technology tools continue to be well integrated and
essential elements of learning.

Teaching teaches the core concepts of the subject area, relates learning
to the real world, integrates subject matter with other content areas, uses
a variety of teaching strategies, helps students become self-motivated and
self-directed, enthusiastic
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: The attention getting signal was effective
in earning the desired response. A mini review was conducted. Knowledge level
questions were presented students and the student teacher called on volunteers to
share a response. The lessons activity and target was introduced (a look at
political cartoons) but not the lessons objective. Do not keep that element of
learning a secret! Masterful integration of a thinking routine was included in the
lesson. Students were challenged to closely examine a picture for details.
Students were invited to write down three things they noticed in the (powerful)
picture. Students were invited to share their observations (What did you notice?)
and share as well the evidence found in the picture that led them to arrive at their
conclusion. The direct teaching of thinking was extremely successful in pushing
students to access critical and inferential processes. The student teacher managed
to generate solid connections between objective and the realm of student
experiences. The powerful questions and prompts provided by Ms. Smith deserved/
required and were allocated time for student thought prior to moving on (allocated
think time was typically 12-40 seconds). The first political cartoon was projected
after a wonderful and thorough introduction to the concept. The student teacher
read a short text selection. SUGGESTION: Using the document camera, project
the short selection, model reading for information and highlight key vocabulary or

key content. The students were challenged to collaborate with peers in order to
generate inferences upon examination of the political cartoon. Student
contributions were affirmed and acknowledged. Todays lesson and related
activities found the student teacher making a hugely important choice. She could
have told students what political cartoons areor she could have generated
opportunities for students to think and discover. She clearly opted for the latter
and the observer predicts that the learning was deep and solid. Bravo! The
student teacher challenged students to generate a list of recent topics of study.
SUGGESTION: Organize their contributions on the board for student reference. A
higher level thinking challenge was presented with complex and multiple steps.
SUGGESTION: Project the step-by-step procedures (Example: #1 Discuss with
your partner the. #2 Write down the). QUESTION: The plan inferred the
implementation of a rubricwhere is it? SUGGESTION: Highlight the culminating
activity by projecting a rubric that clearly communicates due date, essential
elements required, correct spelling, use of space, includes British slant, etc.).

Learning Environment maximizes academic learning time, manages

classroom effectively, builds rapport with students, treats all learners with
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: Ms. Smiths actions support the policies
and procedures and initiatives that are firmly in place. The consistency benefits the
students. A learning environment can be assessed by close observation of student
reaction to their instructor. The wonderful balance of laughter and learning is
evident on many if not all faces (including Ms. Smiths). Ms. Smith monitors during
independent work challenges quite effectively.

Assessment uses authentic assessments, uses assessments to guide

instruction/reflects on student learning, adapts assessments for students,
reflects on student work and modifies instruction
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: The plan suggests that a rubric developed
by the student teacher will assist in assessing student understanding and
performances. A ticket out the door is also in the plan that will assist the
students in experiencing some closure at the end of the lesson. The ticket required
a student response to a highly dynamic question. Well done!

Professionalism behaves ethically, collaborates, participates in

professional growth, demonstrates understanding of multiple perspectives
and individual differences uses technology to organize and manage the
classroom, responsible citizen, appearance
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: Ms. Smith consistently presents herself
professionally in her appearance and in her demeanor. Her interactions with
students and colleagues are professional and focused on her own learning and the
learning of her students.

Communication relates information about students progress to

appropriate stakeholders, communicates effectively in writing, effective
oral communication, communicates in a professional manner
Observations, suggestions, conclusions: Ms. Smiths voice is clearly audible. She
models proper grammar. Her written tasks are submitted in a timely manner and
model professional standards. The student teacher masterfully communicates with

her learners in a variety of ways that lead to impressive student engagement. She
creates videos of herself, in costume and in character. Perhaps we might see her as
a scientist demonstrating theory or as an individual from history sharing her life
story. Awesome! Ms. Smith facilitated communication by repeating oh so quiet
student contributions for all to hear and learn from.

Overall Potential: Observations, suggestions, conclusions: Ms. Smith brings to

the classroom a high level of energy and engaging enthusiasm. She is very
comfortable with effectively integrating technology tools into lessons. Her lesson
designs are strategically developed to encourage and motivate. Ms. Smiths work
ethic is likely to be considered an outstanding resource for any school fortunate to
include her as a partner.