Technical Career Path vs.

Managerial Career Path

Career growth in general
Defining & getting the right things done Doing the right things Doing things right

Management skills Technical competencies and Analytical skills Professional career

Leadership skills

Career growth in general

Direction Strategy


Professional career

Operational tasks
• Technical tasks – operational
– – – – – Coding Testing Documenting Reviewing Training

• Management tasks – operational
– Tracking schedules – Juggling resources – Dealing with interpersonal issues – Performance goal setting and reviews

Strategic tasks
• Technical tasks – strategic
– Designing and architecting – Mentoring – Publishing – Presenting – Tracking changes in technologies

• Management tasks – strategic
– Setting & reviewing team goals – Setting policies – Understanding and dealing with group dynamics – Tracking changes in market place

Leadership tasks
• Technical tasks – leadership
– Understanding & predicting the market place – Leading research work anticipating the market. – Setting new standards and getting buy in from other leading technologists.

• Management tasks – leadership
– Understanding & predicting the market place – Deciding on major investments involving high risk. – Getting buy in from the investors, employees and customers.

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