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MAE 488 QUIZ #1 G.R. Karr, Instructor és - August 30, 2006 Name_7c/ « 7 on” This quiz is open book but no notes. Please fold paper and put name on back. Consider a solid disk of mass m and radius r starts from rest and rolls down the incline at an angle 8. Assume the disk rolls without slipping. The moment of inertia of a solid disk islo=m"r'?2. 1.What is the equation of motion for the disk? . op Ore Mn a, = (mg Pn 8 - F Fk = Fr Vv ; Tx = mg tng - te maa mg a 2. Suppose that two disks dreto 0 opeord 2-kg and radius 2-m, Disk 2 has mass of 4-kg and radius of 4-m. Which disk will the race? 4, : r eR _ pr Atn O ro 7 a = Le = DAT ens arg Te Por trae ® mo = Bpaing tipotelifewm