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Champions Speak

Champions Speak

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Published by Resonance Kota
Interviews and Opinions of Resonance students who got selected in IIT-JEE.
Interviews and Opinions of Resonance students who got selected in IIT-JEE.

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Published by: Resonance Kota on Feb 02, 2010
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Your best gain from the different tests conducted at Resonance:

They helped us to evaluate our own performance level and ascertain

our ranking on the basis of all India level.

Tips to get relief from stress: Listening music and talking to

Nekman - Muzaffarpur (Bihar)


Your hobby: Playing Cricket and football.

On plan of the final revision of IIT-JEE: I first revised my strong

topics and then paid attention to my weak topics.

A night before IIT-JEE: I was not tensed but there was some kind of

fear about the examination.

People behind your success: Parents, elder brother and teachers

of Resonance.

“Always thank your parents and teachers for the opportunity

bestowed upon by the lord, almighty towards achieving as

lofty a goal as IIT and making you competent for it.”

Nekman - Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Reso Roll No. - 508954, Batch - R1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 311
IIT- Bombay, Branch: Elec. dual

Ankit Mehta

Your inspiration: My father who is a grain merchant inspired me to

study more and more.

Total hours of study in a day: 9-10 Hrs

How did you manage all the three subjects: Planning and giving

extra time to make-up my weak topics.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: Its teachers. They

are very supportive, willing to impart whatever is asked and

supportive in giving extra time and personal attention to students.

Division of daily study hours: Physics: 3 hours, Chemistry: 5 hours,

Maths: 3 Hours.

Your order of usage of the study material of Resonance : Class

notes>Personal notes>Sheets>DPPs.

Do you recommend any other extra material or supportive

books: For Physics - D.C. Pandey and Chemistry - P. Bahadur.

Ankit Mehta - Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh)

Your strong topics: Physical part in Chemistry and Algebra in


Your strategy for the final revision: I prepared short notes to revise

topics which had formulae in which I often committed mistakes.

Important topics according to you: Physics: Electricity and

magnetism. Chemistry: Inorganic. Maths: conics.

Your success mantra: Dedication towards your goal.

People behind your success: My family and Reso Teachers.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: If you study in a

planned way, you will definitely make it.

“Don't study when you feel sleepy.”

Ankit Mehta - Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh)

Reso Roll No. - 36303, Batch - G1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 319
IIT- Kharagpur, Branch: Computer Science and

Mayank Jaiswal

Total hours devoted for studies daily: Routine days 6-7 hours,
Exam days 9-10 hours but I invariably had 8 hours of sleep.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: Systematic
timetable and RKV Sir.

Tips to increase productivity: Not to develop bad habits like
Computer Games and Internet Surfing. They cause extreme damage
which one can not imagine. No disturbing relationships, Once in IIT,
you will get enough of every thing.

DO'S:Have a good friend circle which is always with you in your
happiness and sorrows.

How did you manage the final revision: I evolved some symbols to
denote the status of the problems/ questions. For examples (1) Right
Tick indicated that the questions were solved in the first attempt (2)
Circle indicated that the questions could not be solved in the first
chance (3) Right tick on a circle indicated that I could understand the

Mayank Jaiswal - Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh)

questions following a discussion in the doubt class. (4) A star
indicated that the questions were worth revising or need one more
revision. (5) MM-indicated that the questions were easy and could
be solved by using a trick (6) GKW denoted “Galti Karane Wala”
questions which meant that there were chances of making
mistakes in such type of questions. (7) IMP denoted that the
questions were likely to come in exam. Accordingly, I knew for sure
what I needed to revise and what not.

Your success mantra: Respect, believe and obey your teachers.

People behind your success: Motivation induced by RKV Sir, LK Sir
and VPM Madam. They are simply incredible mentors. One of VPM
Madam's saying: “Log galti karke seekhte hain, IITians doosro ki
galtiyo se seekhte hain,” always inspired me a lot.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Being in IIT should not
be your ultimate goal of life. It's a platform to achieve greater
heights. So, the platform is waiting for you. I would love to see any of
the Resonites in my IIT.

“If you attend all the classes and complete your assignments
regularly, you need not bother about managing the three
subjects efficiently.”

Mayank Jaiswal - Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh)

Reso Roll No. - 34589, Batch - R1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 328
IIT- Kharagpur, Branch: Computer Science and

Dilpreet Singh

Life at Resonance: It was a memorable time. Teachers were all very

co-operative, caring and paid individual attention to every student.

Inspiration for IIT: I wanted to get a good job and status in the

society and IIT provides the both.

Total hours of study in a day: Around 8 hours besides classes.

Division of daily study hours: Physics: 3 hours, Chemistry: 2

hours, Maths: 3 hours.

Your strong topics: All the topics except Mechanics in Physics,

Organic Chemistry in Chemistry and Coordinate Geometry in Maths.

Favorite activity to reduce stress: Watching Movies.

How did you plan the final revision of the whole syllabus of IIT-

JEE: I read class notes and practiced some important problems.

Tips for revision at the final countdown: Revise all the formulae in

Physics and Maths and important equations in Chemistry.

Dilpreet Singh - Fatehabad (Haryana)

Whom do you like to give credit of your success: My Mother.

Advice to Your Successors at Resonance: Attend all the classes

and do your home work daily. Do not keep your work pending.

“DPPs are the building blocks of concept formation.”

Dilpreet Singh - Fatehabad (Haryana)

Reso Roll No. - 400579, Batch - G1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 421
IIT- Bombay, Branch: Elec. Eng. Dual Degree
Communication and Signal Processing

Tushar Dadhich

Your Inspiration for IIT: I thought of IIT because it is possibly the

best institute for overall education and all around development.

Total hours of study in a day: It depended on the volume of work. It

varied from 6 to 8 hours.

What Unique did you find in the study material of Resonance: It

was simple yet sufficient. I liked it not for the complexity of

questions but for the quality of the contents as a whole.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: Teachers at


Your strong topics: Electrodynamics in Physics, Organic and

Physical part in Chemistry and almost everything in Maths except


Your hobby: Listening music & Going out to some eating outlet or to

watch a movie.

Tushar Dadhich - Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Tips to increase productivity: Maintain consistency in studies.

Important topics according to you to revise at the final

countdown of IIT-JEE:

Physics: Modern Physics and Electrodynamics.

Chemistry: Organic because Physical is more fundamental based

so we know it well.

Maths: Calculus, P&C, vectors and coordinate.

A night before IIT-JEE: Eat well and sleep well as you need energy

for the next day.

People behind your success: My hard work and guidance from the

faculty members of Resonance.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Listen very carefully in

the classes as it would save a lot of time and efforts for re-

understanding of a particular topic at home. Be happy, make good

friends and try to enjoy the experience of a lifetime at Kota before

being exposed to the beautiful life in IIT (especially in Bombay).

“Consistency is the Key to success.”

Tushar Dadhich - Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Reso Roll No. - 508179,Batch - R1

IIT -JEE: 2006, AIR - 527

IIT - Bombay, Branch: Mechanical

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Reso Roll No. - 510417, Batch - G1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 641
IIT- Roorkee, Branch: Computer Science

Varun Goel

How did you manage all the three subjects: There was no division

of hours. I used to solve the problems of the Sheets and DPPs.

How did you prepare from the study material of Resonance: I

used to prepare personal notes from which I could look for formulae

while solving DPPs and Sheets. There was no fixed order of using

the study material.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: The caring attitude

of the administration and the management team.

Dream team at Resonance: RKV Sir in Physics, VPM Mam and RCS

Sir in Chemistry and LK Sir in Maths.

Your strong topics: Mechanics in Physics, Physical Chemistry in

Chemistry and Probability, Coordinate Geometry in Maths.

Going out for a stReso Roll and

eating good food.

How did you unleash the stress:

Varun Goel - Dehradun (Uttranchal)

Plan for the final revision: Studied from my personal notes that

covered the entire syllabus which were about 100 pages in all. They

contained various small points, formulae and tricks.

A night before IIT-JEE: Revised important formulae and equations.

Stayed away from TV or other distractions but did not put any


Your success mantra: Have faith in yourself.

People behind your success: My parents and my teachers.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: You should study well,

work hard, enjoy but do not waste time. Sacrifice some temporary

leisure in order to achieve something big in future. Remember, this

time will never ever come back.

“It does not matter whether you make it to IIT or not, what

matters after 10 or 15 years from now is, whether you feel

satisfied with what you did or it would be simply crying over

the spilt milk.”

Varun Goel - Dehradun (Uttranchal)

Reso Roll No. - 510130, Batch - R1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 838
IIT- Bombay, Branch: Mechanical

Akshay Shrivastva

What Unique did you find in the study material of Resonance: It

was focused on the fundamentals and the learning tools like DPPs

and Sheets.

What do you say about life at Resonance: “Memorable”.The

faculty members of Resonance were very good. I want to

acknowledge them for their efforts that helped me to achieve my


Your favorite teachers: R.K. Verma Sir in Physics, VPM Madam in

Chemistry and LK Sir in Maths.

What was your favorite subject: Physics.

Advantages of various tests at Resonance: Questions which

were asked in the tests were based on latest pattern of IIT-JEE and

gave me a sufficient practice.

Favorite hobby: Playing Cricket and Listening music.

Akshay Shrivastva - Datia (Madhya Pradesh)

Tips to increase productivity: Do all DPPs to clear the


How did you plan the final revision of the whole syllabus of IIT-

JEE: I began with the weaker topics first and then revised the

stronger topics.

Life at Kota: I was busy with the studies and hardly had time to chat

with friends.

Your success mantra: Strictly follow your teachers.

People behind your success: My parents & Teachers.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Learn whatever is

being taught, clarify your fundamentals, solve DPPs and Sheets

that would solve your purpose for your success.

“For the final revision, I did the weaker topics first and then

revised the stronger topics.”

Akshay Shrivastva - Datia (Madhya Pradesh)

Reso Roll No. - 508278, Batch - R1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 842
IIT- Kharagpur, Branch: Mechanical

Mayur Gupta

Family background: My father is a Businessman, mother is a house

wife and brother and sister both are pursuing MBA.

Role of DPPs in your preparation: I solved almost all DPPs. They

helped me in practicing and revising the questions.

Best feature of the study material of Resonance: It is a

systematic way of preparation as the problems start from the lower

to the higher level.

Life at Resonance: Good, enjoyed a lot. Faculty members at

Resonance were very good and helping.

Your favorite subject: I liked Maths the most.

Contribution of the tests conducted at Resonance: PTs helped in

revising the current topics, CTs helped in revising the entire syllabus

and JPTs gave a good confidence and practice for JEE.

How did you unleash the stress: Talking to father whenever I used

Mayur Gupta - Balasore(Orissa)

to be in stress.

A night before IIT-JEE: I was slightly nervous but didn't study. I

was thinking about the examination.

People behind your success: My parents and teachers.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Believe in faculty

members of Resonance and do all the DPPs as Reso study material

is sufficient. There is no need to study any other material.

“Your concepts should be clarified and strengthened by

solving all the DPPs .”

Mayur Gupta - Balasore(Orissa)

Reso Roll No. - 505879, Batch - R2
IIT-JEE :2006, AIR - 917
IIT - Kharagpur, Branch: Instrumentation

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Reso Roll No. - 33670, Batch - G1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 1123
IIT- Delhi, Branch: Chemical Engineering

Vaibhav Khandelwal

Your Inspiration for IIT: Life at IIT and a bright future after

graduation was my sole inspiration.

What Unique did you find in the study material of Resonance:

Good collection and variety of questions were the fruits of the hard

work of Reso teachers. The study material provided us the strong

base for the preparation of IIT-JEE.

Role of DPPs in your preparation: The DPPs gave us opportunities

to clear our doubts on the topics discussed in the class. They also

gave us confidence which is the foremost requirement to clear JEE.

What do you say about life at Resonance: Life at Resonance is

incomparable to any place because of the forever supportive

environment at Resonance.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: The dedication of

teachers towards their job.

Vaibhav Khandelwal - Guna (Madhya Pradesh)

How did you over come the stress: By listening music.

A night before IIT-JEE : Did nothing, just relaxed.

Your success mantra: Have confidence in yourself and in the


People behind your success: My family.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Start early. Keep an

open mind. Learn as much as you can. Use what you know. Love

what you do!

“Daily devote sometime to think, what you have done in the

whole day. You may also have some enjoyment after the


Vaibhav Khandelwal - Guna (Madhya Pradesh)

Reso Roll No. - 508919, Batch - R1

IIT -JEE: 2006, AIR - 1218

IIT-Kanpur, Branch: Chemical Engineering

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Reso Roll No.- 401507, Batch - P1

IIT -JEE: 2006, AIR - 1386

IIT - Madras, Branch: Chemical Engineering


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Reso Roll. No. - 516774, Batch - R2

IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - 1465

IIT - Kanpur, Branch: Aerospace

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ij[knhi fxjh'k &lwjr ¼xqtjkr½

Reso Roll No. - 507219, Batch - S1
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - ST-023
IIT- Bombay, Branch: Mechanical

Ravi Kumar Meena

How did you make a balance between the studies at Resonance
& at school simultaneously: I studied sincerely round the year
which really helped me to coverup my school syllabus. I prepared
the remaining two subjects just before my board examinations.

Total hours of study in a day: 6-8 hours.

How did you manage the three subjects: I studied all the three

subjects simultaneously. I used to do the homework on the same


Division of daily study hours: Physics: 2-3 hours, Chemistry: 2-3

hours, Maths: 2-3 hours.

Amongst the three (DPPs, Class Notes & Sheets) which one did

you emphasize more: I emphasized on the class notes and did the

DPPs regularly.

Your favorite teachers: BKM Sir in Physics, SPR Sir & SSS Sir, in

Chemistry and LK Sir in Maths.

Ravi Kumar Meena-Sawaimadhopur (Rajasthan)

Your strong topics: Electromagnetism, Electrodynamics, Waves in

Physics, Chemical Bonding, Kinetics in Chemistry and Integration in


Your favorite hobby to refresh yourself: Playing cricket.

How did you plan the revision of the whole syllabus: I made short

notes at the end of the session and read those notes only for the final


Advice to your successors at Resonance: Resonance is the best

institution in India for IIT-JEE Coaching. All the faculty members &

the members of the management are great. Take advantage of


“The study material here is really very good. I never required

any reference book.”

Ravi Kumar Meena-Sawaimadhopur (Rajasthan)

Reso Roll No. - 509965, Batch - S3
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - ST-036
IIT- Bombay, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Piyush Udai

Family background: My father is a Mining Engineer in the

Department of Mines and Geology, Rajasthan and my mother is a

government teacher. I have two brothers.

Role of DPPs in your preparation: Solved most of them and they

were really helpful for practicing the theory.

The study material of Resonance: The best thing is that it is

connected directly with the syllabus. It was just self sufficient for

the total preparation for JEE.

Your experience at Resonance: It was quite enjoyable. The

teachers were very good. I really enjoyed the lectures. A JEE

aspirant can easily connect with the teachers at Resonance.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: Teachers especially

RKV sir and LK Sir, infrastructure and the study material.

Your favorite activity to refresh yourself: Listening music.

Piyush Udai - Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Tips to increase productivity: Time management is the most

important factor. Devote a major portion of your time for your


Food at Kota: I used to eat maggi most of the time.

A night before IIT-JEE: I was very confident and did not revise too


Life at Kota: It was an amazing experience. I made quite good

friends over there and enjoyed my stay there.

People behind your success: My parents and Resonance.

“Time Management is the key to success.”

Piyush Udai - Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Reso Roll No. - 508261, Batch - S5
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - ST-040
IIT- Delhi, Branch: Electrical Engineering (Power)

Kiran Meena

How did you manage the three subjects: I revised notes daily. I

used to begin with my weaker topics and then gradually used to

shift to my stronger topics.

What do you say about the study material of Resonance:

Speaking truly, I never read the study material of any other coaching

institute so I am unable to compare the material but I can tell you if

you try hard, read notes daily, solve DPPs & Sheets on time then no

one can stop you to get into IITs. The Study material of Resonance is

sufficient for your preparation.

What do you say about life at Resonance: One can term that part

of my life as time spent in the pursuit of selection in JEE.

What do you admire the most at Resonance: Some of the

teacher's behavior towards the weak students is very good. They

always try to help them.

Kiran Meena - Kota (Rajasthan)

How did you revise syllabus of IIT-JEE: I read all those topics in

which I was weak.

A night before IIT-JEE: I was nervous. Although I completed my

entire revision a day before still I was unable to sleep well.

People behind your success: My family.

Advice to your successors at Resonance: Work hard for one year

and get lots of comfort for rest of the years. Always remember that

practice is important.

“If you work hard, read notes daily, solve DPPs & Sheets on

time then no one can stop you from getting into IITs.”

Kiran Meena - Kota (Rajasthan)

Reso Roll No. - 502865, Batch - R6
IIT-JEE: 2006, AIR - ST-043
IIT- Roorkee, Branch: Electrical

Narenedra Kumar Khoker

Your Inspiration for IIT: I had interest in mathematics since my

childhood so my father suggested me to become an engineer. I was

lucky enough to prepare myself for IIT-JEE at one of the best

institutions that is none other than Resonance.

How did you manage the three subjects: I used to allot equal time

to all the three subjects and whenever I had an extra time, I devoted

that time to Mathematics.

Life at Resonance: It was great. I got a right direction to make a

solid platform for my life.

Tips to increase productivity: Study with proper timetable and

think only about your goal. Keep away from nuisance like- Cyber


How did you plan the final revision: First, I identified my weak &

strong topics in all the subjects and then distributed the time

Narenedra Kumar Khoker - Dausa (Rajasthan)

accordingly for the revision. I focused much on my strong topics so

that I couldn't miss any question from these topics. DPPs (especially

for revision) were my basic revision tool.

A night before IIT-JEE: I was cool and calm and took a good sleep

of 8 hours. I revised some formulae in the early morning and went to

the test center on bicycle with my brother.

Your success mantra: Make a time table for yourself and abide by


People behind your success: Especially my elder brother because

he used to take a great care and always kept me energetic.

“Resonance is the best institute for IIT-JEE preparation

especially for those students who have average skills or who

come from Hindi medium background.”

Narenedra Kumar Khoker - Dausa (Rajasthan)

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