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MAE VST Exan PA Scludbians terosvan occa o ah, wWMAE 488 Fall 2009 sx #1 propien #1 The equation of motion of the roller is neta Staking tue Laplace transtorm we get mets” fomegtsin (iA) se Taking ~(0)=0 and xdot(0)=20, me of athe ro! rhe inertia rarms af rhe roller three po aystem which inelod 000+1000+800+500+400. The Lulal mass used for the 9000~10007800 jot (0) *t-(m*g*sin. che ramp can be found by sto a stop and tr orm of the velocicy ano. The Laplace starts cn by deren 487A (Ss) =xdot (0) * (1/8) -(m/me)gsin(10)"{1/s%2) wnich gives the velocity Srunction of time as v(c)=xdotU-{mme) *osin (10) *t 8 can ze solved 20, Une time for v(t) co come to zero velocity. uoing that we see SrOludart face where ace ie the term (m/me)*9" - This can now be substituted fur Lime in the x(t) equation te find the distance the at Srolls up the slope given an iygtt ne=9000+1000+800+500+4007 \ e*f mass=9000+1000+000, ud a=32.2; sce= (masa /me) * xdot 0=20; t0-xdot0/acc aistance-xdoto"t0-(acc*t U2) /2 - fee prob Sciscance - yee Ka) Fess eee te Yow x Fae NY ape b , ) WMeX = — 5 Sie B amg iho - me (s* gi ~ SXi)~ KOO) #7 Weve mms ere ngs Voy -Wi)] =~ My S10 Ss Sve) = ~mssive , vb) = me me