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The Learning Environment

One thing that we are doing in our class is using an app called
randomeister. This randomly selects student groups and assigns them
a number one through four. We have already implemented group
responsibilities based on the number in which each student is
assigned. Every student in the group has a specific role and all play a
key part in their daily participation. Student one is the facilitator,
student two is the team captain, student three is the resource monitor,
and student four is the recorder/reporter.
Our behavioral expectations are a part of our group norms, since our
students are in groups most of the time. These norms are posted at the
front of the class for students to view as needed. They are: 1. Listen to
others ideas 2. Remember to play your role 3. Take turns 4. Disagree
with ideas, not people 5. No talking outside your group.

The school has a school wide discipline hierarchy for minor infractions
and major infractions. I have attached a copy of the ladder to show

what it looks like.

Ways in which we reward students that display good behavior is with
Titan tickets. The students can purchase different things from the
teacher if they accumulate enough tickets. They can also pay Titan
tickets to eat outside. The students have different alliances and has a
competition going on. Whichever alliances has the most tickets wins a
pizza party. The Titan tickets seem to do the trick with the students,
but the group of students that I am with does not have behavioral
problems. Most of the time they receive the tickets when they answer
a question correctly, volunteer, or if we have an “ah ha” moment.

Routines and Procdures
Since the students are STEMs, they began and end class themselves.
The STEMs does not have bells, so the students began the class the
same every day. They come in, get into their groups, check homework,
and we begin the lesson. At the end, the dismiss themselves.
The way I distribute and collect material is to have the students leave
their things in their group folder. The students change groups every
five days, so their work can be kept in their group folder.
The helper and assistants are assigned by the group responsibilities
chart on the wall. Whichever number that the student is listed on
randomeister that is their responsibility.
Students use the bathroom in between classes and during the class if it
is an emergency. I am lenient with students asking to use the bathroom
during class, because the group that I have does not take advantage of
their privilege. Students may sharpen their pencil at any time during
the class. Most have mechanical pencils or they have their pencils
sharpened before we start the class. The pencil sharpeners are located
at the back of the room and as soon as the students walk into the
During emergency situations, I make sure all students are quiet so that
we can hear all of the directions and remain as safe as possible. We
also have an emergency kit provided by the school. It is a bag with a
headset to hear all instructions provided by the principal in cases of
emergency. It also has where we are to go and a class role.