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Collapse Of The Soviet

Eric Garman

Russian Civil War
• Fought in 1918. War of the White army who opposed
communism and the Red army which was for
communism. The White army won which benefited the
people for the time being.

Creation of Politburo
• A decision and policy making group that had full control
of the Soviet Union. Created in 1917 it helped the soviet
union because there was a team of decision makers.

5 Year Plan
• In 1928 Stalin adopted the five year plan. A plan of
collectivism which put him at full control. It wasn’t good
for the people but it did improve the economy.

World War II
• In 1939 the Soviet Union fought in WWII. The goal of the
soviets was to make other nations communist while
they fought against the US, Germany, and Japan.

Joe 1
• A top secret bomb under the rule of Joseph Stalin in
1949. The name was given by the US and it was good
for the USSR and their advances with technology and
the military.

Hydrogen Bomb
• In 1953 the Soviets created the hydrogen bomb. This
was also good for the USSR because it showed their
advances in military and technology.

Warsaw Pact
• The Warsaw pact was a treaty between 8 communist
nations in eastern and central Europe during the cold
war. This was done in 1955.

• In 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. This was a
series of satellites and it was good for the USSR
because it showed their advances in technology.

Laika and Sputnik
• In 1957 the USSR launched a dog named Laika into
space. This benefited them to show their growing

Creation of the Berlin Wall
• The Berlin wall was built in 1961 in order to separate
the USSR from Germany. It gave them a border and a
feeling of protection.

1968 Invasion of Czechoslovakia
• In 1968 The Warsaw troops invaded Czechoslovakia in
order to get rid of reformist trends. They felt this was
good because it showed their dominance as a nation.

• In 1972 an agreement called SALT 1 was signed to
restrain arms between the US and the Soviet Union. This
kept the people safe.

• In 1979 an agreement called SALT 2 was signed to
restrain arms between the US and the Soviet Union. This
kept the people safe.

Soviet-Afghan War
• In 1979 a war arose from the Soviet Union and
Afghanistan over the multinational insurgent groups.
This was not good for the people of the Soviet Union.

• A policy created in the late 1980s to put a stop to
corruption in the communist government. This led to a
more stable government overall.

Gorbachev Becomes Leader
• In 1985 Gorbachev comes into power after serving as a
general secretary.

Voting Reforms by Gorbachev
• Gorbachev did not benefit the people. He created many
reforms which ultimately led to the downfall of the
Soviet Union.

Chernobyl Disaster
• Under Soviet Rule a nuclear power plant erupted
resulting in the death of hundreds and deadly radiation.

• In order to restore Soviet policies they released this
program. It was helpful to restore the Soviet Union.

Free Elections in Poland,
Czechoslovakia, and Hungary
• In 1989 the people of these nations began to take a
stand which got them free elections. This was good
because people had more of a say in government.

Lithuania and Latvia Protests
• People took a stand in 1989 to get Baltic independence.
@ million people came together and it benefited the
Baltic state.

Fall of Berlin Wall
• A passage was open in 1989 because people started to
destroy the wall. This resulted in easy access between
the two nations.

Gorbachev steps down
• Gorbachev was fearful of the peoples capabilities and
he stepped down. This was good because it took away
from his reforms.

Boris Yeltsin becomes President
• In the late 1980s Yeltsin took control. He was no better
though because he also had many rapid reforms.

Why did it Collapse
• The soviet union collapsed because the government
tried to have more control than they should’ve. The
constant reforms put a toll on the people which led to
the demise of the USSR.