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Lauren Dunn-Angell

411 Maplehill, Rochester Hills, MI 48306


To effectively utilize my knowledge and educational experience, dedication, enthusiasm, and
strong belief in helping children to achieve maximum learning potential through multimodal
learning and engagement.


Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Secondary Education

GPA 3.36

Major: English (BA)
Minor: History (CC)
Certification: Secondary Teacher Dual Certification
Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Educational Achievements:
Vice President and Co-Founder of the American Studies Student Organization
President of the American Studies Student Organization
Presented Historical Papers in Academic Conference


Rochester Adams High School, Rochester, MI

April 2015

2012, 2013

Aug 2014-Apr 2015

Student Teaching Internship: English and History

o 9th Grade Language Arts
o 10th Grade US History
o 11th Grade Applications of Composition
A semester teaching three classes and a semester full-time teaching
Created, adapted, and modified units and lesson plans to engage diverse

learners including students with IEP’s and 504 plans
Successful experience teaching and engaging a team-taught classroom

with 1/3 of the students having IEP’s with a wide range of disorders
Collaboration with colleagues to plan and execute successful lessons
Experience working with Adams’ CSI room helping with intervention and support for Special

Ed. and General Ed. students.
Participated in a variety of afterschool activities: Chaperoning, PD Days,
Staff Meetings, Teacher Dance Team, Charity Week, Can Drive

Rochester Adams High School, Rochester, MI

Jan 2014-Mar 2014


Secondary field experience of 50 hours, 10 grade US History Classroom

Observations of Mr. Jeff Hall’s classroom including collaborating lesson
planning ideas as well as organizing and chaperoning a supplemental
field trip.

Avondale High School, Auburn Hills, MI
Volunteer teaching ACT prep course in Writing, Science and Mathematics
 Maintained a successful learning environment of up to 70 students
 Adapted to individual students’ needs in order to enhance the learning

Dec 2013-Feb 2014

Avondale Academy, Auburn Hills, MI

Jan–Apr 2010

Secondary field experience of 40 hours, 10th grade Mathematics classroom
 Differentiated teaching practices to instruct behaviorally and academically
challenged students
 Developed and taught exam reviews for Algebra 2 and Geometry
 Implemented cross curricular lessons to inspire multiple learners about
Pythagorean Theorem

Brandon High School, Brandon, MI

Jan–Apr 2010

Secondary field experience of 30 hours, 10 grade Mathematics classroom
 Observed AP Statistics and tutored 10th grade Geometry
 Incorporated literacy and art to help students develop a deeper understanding
of symmetry


IPhone/IPad Apps
MS Word
MS Excel
Digital Projector


Remind 101
Adobe Photoshop
Google Earth
MS Outlook
Power School

MS PowerPoint
Web Design
Holt McDougal
Data Director

Accomplished in creating WebQuests for classroom use
Created personal website as a teaching profile:
CPR and First Aid Certification
Well versed in implementing High Leverage Teaching Practices
Consistent understanding of the Common Core State Standards

Proctor for Rochester Community Schools’ AP testing

May 2015

Substitute teacher for Rochester Community Schools
Jan 2015-Present
Independent tutor for secondary education reading, writing and mathematics
Experience opening, managing and maintaining a small business

Kevin Cumming
Principle of Adams High School
3200 Teinken Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48306
(248) 726-5201

Pauline Walker
Oakland University
STEP Intern Supervisor
2200 N Squirrel Rd, Rochester, MI 48309
(248) 969-1496 or

Dave Lovalvo
Adams High School
English and Yearbook
3200 Teinken Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
(248) 875-6341

Jeff Hall
Adams High School
Social Studies
3200 Teinken Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48306
(248) 709-2376