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Ryan Higgins

CD/DVD/Computer Game

Product Analysis 1
This case is a good case, it clearly shows
what make it is for as it has the Xbox 360
logo and the words XBOX 360 next to it. It
shows what the users age has to be to
play this game which is 3+, It also shows
the game name on the front In bold the
black for Fifa and red for 14.

This is the back view of the Fifa 14
game case, it has images of game
features and it has lots of
information and things you need to
know like if it is compatible online or
not, this is good because it shows
the user what the game is about and
tells him the information he needs
to know.

Product Analysis 2
This is the back and the
front view of the DVD
case, this is a good case
because on the front it
has the main characters
and it has the name of
the film in big blue
writing, its also good as it
indicates the age group
for watching this film.
The back of the case is
also good because it has
a blurb/description of
what the film is kind of
about but not giving it
away, also it indicates
information like the
running time and things a

The sizes are 135mm by 14mm by
190mm. It will be made out of plastic
the material will be polypropylene the
function for this case is to hold the disc
securely so when stored, the disc
doesn’t get damaged.

Sizes on Stand.
• The size of the stand will be 17.5cm
in height by 7.5cm in length.

• I am making a game case for Fi
fa 15 it
will catch the eye with the colours
and graphics on it.

Trends designs

On all of the designs they have a
clear picture to show what
happens in the game or DVD,
like for the Kieth Lemon film case
it has his name in bold big Yellow
writing, on the Fifa 14 case it
shows two football players,
Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale this
shows that in the game these
two players are in it. On the call
of duty ghosts game it shows it’s
a war/army game because it has
a man in a camouflage helmet
on which is what army people
wear. On the minecraft case it
shows most of the important
things on it like the main
character, the animals and

Summary research.
• I found out that the case design is one of
the most important part, it shows what
the game is, and the name and has the
colours of the design. The case is 17.5cm
tall and 10.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick.
• The logo is vital because it is important to
show the game and like what its about
and what kind of game it is.


The case has to be 17.5cm tall and 10.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick so then the
disc can fit in without being damaged.
2. The case has to be strong so if it was to be stood on it wouldn’t break then you
wont break the disc.
3. The case is targeted to kids to teenagers, from around 5 to 15.
4. The case design has to be based around the game you are buying other wise
people wont know what they are buying.
5. It has to have the console name in the top right corner to make customers know
what console it will work on.
6. The design for the case needs a barcode so it can be sold at the good relegations.
7. The case design should not have anything sexist or racist or offensive to anyone
on it.
8. The case design must be appealing to the gamer so the buyer will buy that
version over the others.
9. the stand must be no bigger than A4 because it would take up too much space
on the counter.
10. the stand should be made of foam board or grey board because these materials
are ideal for strength and weight.

Design idea 1
This is my first idea, I
have lots of graphics
on it, the part on the
right is the back of
the stand , it keeps
the whole thing up, it
it stuck on by using a
tab, the big rectangle
is the base of the
stand it has names of
games on it, it will
have a little box on it
to hold the DVD or
game case the will
also be put on using

Design idea 2
This is my first idea
that I made it is basic
and hasn’t really got
anything interesting
on it, it needs to be
improved and
changed, I only have
a basic stand and
just a basic
background with
little colour and
graphics, the stand is
to keep the game
stand up, the box bit
is there for the box
holder to hold the
games. It needs

Design idea 3
I have improved
this design by
adding a pouch
to stick onto the
box to hold the
game, the bad
thing about the
pouch is that it
has no colour and
no graphics.
The pouch is
there to hold the
games, the
background bit is
there for display
and to hold the
pouch, the stand
is there to

Design idea 4
With this design the
backround is much
better because is has
good colour and some
good graphics, but the
stand is just a basic
shape I could change
it to make it look more
appealing to the user,
and also give it a
more interesting look.
I need to add a pouch
onto this because the
pouch is the thing that
holds the game/games
in it. The stand is
there to support the
display stand up, the
background it there to
make it more

Justified choice of idea

I would use
this kind of
pictures to
put on the
to make it
look better
because I
have not as

I have chosen this idea to develop
because it has more to change and
improve, the good things about this is
there is colour and some graphics, the
stand it quite basic but still a good
stand, the bad things is the colour on
the background part it is just a little bit
of graphics with them coloured a little
then the background of that is just plain
white, it also needs to be changed
because the background is just a simple
shape, I could make it into a different
type of shape something different to a
simple shape, also a pouch or something
to hold the games needs to be added
onto the background part of the display
stand. I have chosen this idea because I
like it more than the others and there is
more work to do on it so it will keep me

Idea development
• I Took a bit of card and cut two lines
upwards and folded back the card to
make a stand I improved this by
making a better flap. I could add
some graphics and some colour to
make it more appealing to a user.

Idea development
I got a bit of card and folded it into a triangle I
separated them and stuck 1 side to the
cardboard then that made my stand. I improved
this by slanting the stand. I could also improve
this more by adding some colour and graphics
onto it so it can be more interesting and
appealing to the user

Idea development
I took the stand part and cut it do an angle
and slanted it to make in a better stand
overall. All I need to do now to make it my
final idea is to add a pouch to hold the game
case, and also to add some colour and
graphics so then I am done with making my
display stand

Graphics Development.
What I did with this
photo is make It look
like a cartoon by using
2 different blue colours.

This graphic I didn’t
develop because I didn’t
think I needed to but I
could of cropped the
photo the make it

Graphics Development.
This is okay but not good
enough this needs colour to
make it more interesting

This is the better version of
the logo, it has colour with
makes it stand out more.

Card modelling

his is my final idea all I need to do now is add some colour and graphics and then
he making of the display stand is done.

User feedback
• Rapik said that he thinks a good improvement
would be to make the box bigger. It looks good
and professional.
• Nathan said that it looks good but an
improvement would to be make the box a little
bigger and have less of an angle of the stand.
• Daniel said that he also thinks it looks
professional but he thinks it needs to be a bit
bigger and also the box needs a little adjustment.
• Matthew said that it looks okay needs to be a bit
bigger and the box needs to be moved down a
tiny bit, he also thinks the angle needs to be

Final graphics

These graphics will be printed out onto 400 mic solid board

CAD (nets)
This is my net
for my display
stand I made
it on 2D
design, I
printed it off
on the laser


Plan for making.

Quality checks

Health &

To create the net
for my design I will
use 2D design
software. I will use
line to show cut
lines and green
lines for fold lines

Line tool
Line colour tool
Circle tool
Grid lock and

I will make sure
grid lock is on
and I have
selected custom
red and green


I will cut out the
net using the laser

Laser cutter

I will print of on
the laser cutter.


I will now draw
the graphics on
to the net that I
have cut out.

Glue .

I will print of the
net then put it
together then
stick on my
sketches after.

Could cut
yourself with

Folding the net.


When my net is
printed off I will
fold the flaps and
cut the lines I don’t
need then stick it

Cut yourself.



I will stick it all


Problem solving
• I had a few problems with my design stand, for
example the angle of the piece of card that kept
up the stand was too slanted and was falling over
when the case was put inside the box, so I
decided to make it again will less of an angle so it
didn’t fall over.
• Also that flaps that kept my box on was glued on
but they kept coming off and making the box fall
off, I fixed this problem by sticking a few bits of
celotape along the flaps to keep them in place, I
found that this worked.
This is the stand which has the
bad angle on the piece of the
card at the back.

Problem Solving
This is the stand which has the bad
angle on the piece of the card at the
back. This is bad because it doesn’t
stand very nice and when I tested it
the stand did not stay up and it just

This is the stand with the
better angle on the card,
this looks better and it is
better as when I tested it,
the stand stayed up and
the case slotted in
straight away.

Record Of making

This is the graphics I'm using on my stand, this is before and after, for
the picture of the Heskey, I went into Photoshop and selected with the
wizard tool the places I wanted to colour in blue, I used 2 different
blues, I did this to make it look like a cartoon kind of thing, the other
part I used 2d design and made the FIFA Part of the picture, then I put
the picture of 4 players on Photoshop and also put the FIFA part on it
and then grouped it, then I put them onto my net with colour. I made
the net on 2d design I changed the colour of the lines so when I laser
cutter it, it knew which lines to cut completely or to be cut a little,
when I printed it I folded all the tabs I used glue to stick down the tabs
but one set of tabs wouldn’t stick down so I had to put celotape on it,
when I made the final product with graphics on I cut out the regular

Record Of Making
This is a printer that allows you
to print on card, I used this for
my final making of my idea, I
printed out the graphics onto
card and then slotted onto it
my net, I had set up my
graphics on the card so it was
inline with the net so I could
create the final idea.
This is a laser cutter, I used
this to make my final idea, it is
connected to a computer you
send your net to, I took my
graphics and net and slotted
them together and put them
into the laser cutter and it cut
out the pieces I needed and
folded the bits I need.

Final Product

This is my final product, it has
colour and graphics on it.


I used 2d design for my net and making my final product
because it was the easiest to use because I understood how
to use it and plus it was easy for having the lines correct
because you could use grid lock to make the lines go
straight and it was compatible to use to be cut out on the
laser cutter, when I made the net I had to change the
colours for some of the lines because, some lines had to be
either completely cut out or just folded over, this was good
because these colours were good for the laser cutter. I Used
the net to add on my final graphics which were made in
Photoshop, I used Photoshop because it was the best piece
of software to use, it was easy to use and easy to edit the
photo’s on it, the photo’s I used to edit I found on the
internet on google images. I edited the photos I used by
using the wizard tool this cropped out the parts of the photo
you didn’t want and also you could select parts of the photo
and change the colour of them so it wasn’t the same as the

• I used the laser to cut out the final
idea, I did this on card, first I cut out
the net on normal card. I had already
printed out the final graphics onto a
thick piece of card, I had lined up the
graphics so it would fit with the net
so I could make the final idea, when I
lined the pieces of card up together I
put it into the laser cutter and let the
laser cutter cut it out, then I glued it

• The people who I have asked about my stand have said
something about my design and there views on it, this what
they all said.
• Rapik said that he thinks a good improvement would be to
make the box bigger. It looks good and professional.
• Nathan said that it looks good but an improvement would to
be make the box a little bigger and have less of an angle of
the stand.
• Daniel said that he also thinks it looks professional but he
thinks it needs to be a bit bigger and also the box needs a
little adjustment.
• Matthew said that it looks okay needs to be a bit bigger and
the box needs to be moved down a tiny bit, he also thinks
the angle needs to be adjusted.

• I think that my final idea is quite
good, I think it has good images and
good colours, I think that the title is
good as well because it is bold big
letters in blue, the colours are good
because they are bright and they
would stand out in the shops so I
think my product would be bought, I
think the stand could do with some
improvement like some writing and

• I could also improve it by making the
box which holds the case bigger so it
could hold more than one game, also
I could make little slots inside the box
so each case sits in there own
compartment, also to help this idea I
could make the actual stand a lot
bigger so it will be like a big stand
that fits around 4 to 6 game in it.