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DHM 122-Front Office Operations 2009

DHM 122-Front Office Operations 2009

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6 p.m. Release/Confirmed Reservation

Reservations are often taken on the basis that the guest will arrive

by a certain time of day. If they arrive before that time they have

their room in the normal way. If they arrive after the time they have

to take a chance on a room being available when they arrive. This

enables the hotel to be certain it is full, without the risk of having to

charge guests for non-arrival if they are delayed or change their


Front Office Operations DHM 122


Guaranteed Arrival

This is the reverse of a 6 p.m. release. Here the guests guarantee to

pay for the room whether they arrive or not. It is very useful for

guests who may be arriving late at night, or even early the next

morning from a transatlantic flight. Guaranteed arrival facilities are

normally offered only to companies or travel agents, whom the

hotel is sure will honour their commitments. Guests who have paid

deposits or have provided their credit card details as a guarantee

will also be treated as guaranteed arrivals.

Take or Place (T or P)

Regular customers are often offered a 'take or place' booking if they

reserve at short notice. When they arrive at the hotel a room will be

allocated to them if there has been a cancellation. If there has not

been any cancellation or non-arrival, then the hotel will find another

room for them in a comparable hotel. This facility is often offered by

chain hotels, for while on hotel in the group may be full, they may

be vacancies elsewhere. This 'T or P' facility helps to retain customer

loyalty and also maximises occupancy for individual hotels or


Commissionable Bookings

Reservations made by travel agents and hotel booking agents are

normally subject to a commission payment to the agent on the

room rate. This fact is noted in the remarks column of the diary, so

that the account can be marked as commissionable when the guest

checks in. Frequently two accounts may be opened: one for the

apartment charge showing the appropriate commission, and a

second account for any extras incurred by the guest. This ensures

that the commission is only deducted from the accommodation


Activity 5.4

When customers are making reservations, they might require

additional services. List four examples of typical services they may


Front Office Operations DHM 122



Confirmed reservations/6 pm release reservations are not

guaranteed. Thus, to prevent the hotel from loosing revenue

should these guests not check-in, these rooms can be released or

sold at 6 pm.

Where guests have guaranteed their reservations, the hotel must

keep the rooms reserved throughout the night.

When the hotel is fully booked the hotel might offer a ‘take-and-

place’ reservation option. Should the guest arrive to find that the

hotel is full; the hotel will arrange alternative accommodation.

Reservations made by travel agents and hotel booking agent are

subject to commission payable to the agents based on the room


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