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June 16, 2013


College of Veterinary Medicine, UPLB

We, the undersigned, are enrolled students of UP-CVM for 1 st semester AY
2013-2014. We applied and were approved by International Veterinary Medicine
Students Association (IVSA) Thailand Chapter to be the Philippine delegates for the
4th IVSA Asia conference on August 9-12, 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand (for more
information: In this pursuit, may
we request from your good office that we may be excused from all our classes
covering the dates of August 8-13, 2013. The dates were adjusted to give way for
the travel hours to the venue.
We believe that joining this event will help us to gain more knowledge on
veterinary medicine, meet fellow veterinary students in Asia and learn their culture,
and ultimately will broaden our perspectives. We assure you that we will represent
our institution as well as our country with full honor and excellence in all the
activities during the said event.

Yours truly,
Maria Victoria Acasio

Brillarch Amante Dayag

Aleya Albert Rama (2006-41664)
Ruevin Serrano (2007-50097)

6625 1600
6500 + 500