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Kristin Sowers
I believe effective classroom management starts with relationships. Students have to know that you
care to care what you know. By knowing your individual students, you are able to better assess and
meet each student's individual needs. I believe that most misbehavior can be prevented or corrected by
meeting student needs as identified by Glasser (survival, love, power, freedom, and fun). When there is
discipline needed to correct a behavior, I tend to favor Love & Logic style discipline, wherein
misbehavior is followed by consequences specifically appropriate to that misbehavior. I am a firm, but
loving and fair.
I believe modeling appropriate behavior is essential to teaching students appropriate behavior, both
individually and as a class. This includes not only the teacher's interactions with students, but with
staff, parents, and the community. A patient, respectful, and joyful teacher tends to have more patient,
respectful, and joyful students.
3rd Grade, Language Arts
-If students wants my attention, they are to remain quiet and raise their hands, or come to my desk if
the class is doing individual work.
-During classroom discussions, I will encourage all students to participate by pulling popsicle sticks
with their names as I ask questions. However, I will be cognizant of asking/wording questions
appropriate to the student called on.
-Students are to enter the classroom prior to the bell. Students should address the teacher appropriately
as they enter as a way to practice appropriate conversation (i.e., Good morning Ms. Sowers). They
will pull out their spiral and copy down the day's objectives and homework from the board. They will
then respond to a writing prompt on the board with at least four sentences. As long as students stay at a
whisper or below, they are allowed to complete their spiral from their desks or one of the reading rugs
on the floor. I will ring a bell 7 minutes after class begins which signals students to turn their spirals in
to a tray on my desk and then wait quietly in their seats for instruction to begin. I use the spirals to
check attendance and check writing progress.
-To exit the classroom, students will be called on individually to meet me at the door to get their spiral
and leave. This allows me to personally connect with each student as they leave, and to reward
students who are on task by letting them leave first.
-Student materials and papers will be passed out to the front row and then passed backward.
-Students' personal items should be stored in the cubby underneath their chair. Students are allowed to
have a water bottle, pencil, and spiral on their desk unless otherwise instructed.
-If a student needs to use the drinking fountain or bathroom, they should raise their hand and then ask
for the hall pass. Only one student should leave the classroom at a time unless there is an emergency.
-Class interruptions/misbehavior will be handled with a three strikes policy. The first strike the
students' name will be written on the side of the whiteboard. The second strike, the student's name will
be circled, and the third strike, a note will be sent home and have to be signed by a parent. Three notes
home will result in a phone conference with the parent and child.
-I will follow school policy for tardies, early dismissals, and absences. Students who miss work due to
these times will be given assignments during the spiral time at the beginning of class and will make up
work as homework and/or free class time.
-Homework will be turned in to a tray on my desk at the beginning of class.


Respect others...everybody has something worthwhile to contribute and we are a team.
Respect property...take care of yours and others' resources so they can be used to their fullest.
Respect time...make the best use of time to become the best scholar you can be.
Respect have as much right to be a scholar as anyone are worth it!
I believe in consequences that are logical in relation to a misbehavior instead of being punishment. For
-If a student is disrespectful to a substitute teacher, the student(s) will write a formal apology letter.
This not only enforces courteous behavior, but allows the student good practice for formal writing.
-If students cannot keep their voices down on the reading rugs, they will have to read at their desks.
-free reading time
-outdoor learning time
-classroom warm fuzzy jar
-notes of praise sent home to be signed by parent

Behavior contracts will be considered and used on an individual basis, but as an example:
This is the problem:

The problem will be fixed when:

I am going to do this to work toward the solution:

My teacher can do this to work toward the solution:

If this continues to be a problem, I can expect these consequences:

If the problem is fixed, I can expect these rewards:

We will meet about this contract again on _________________________, 2015.

Student signature:
Teacher signature:
Parent signature:


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