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ae een eee ener bill edtauihiedcbavenural ehonsabeh ELEC RECEIVED NOV 17 2014 Mare P. Caswell November 13, 2014 at Regular Mail N.J. Election Law Enforcement Commission P.O. Box 185 ‘Trenton, NJ 08625-0185 Re: Mare P. Caswell CID # 920150102G2011 To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed you will find my answer with an Affidavit in Opposition to the Complaint filed against me for failing to file my campaign reports in the 2012 election primary. ‘Also attached are my proofs. I did not spend any money in my uncontested primary and id not realize I needed to complete the form in an uncontested primary election. did not receive the Delinquency Notice since I resigned my seat and moved out of Roselle park in September, 2011. MPC;ju enc, ce: Steven J. McManus, Esq, ‘om! lance: FeblS-2Se- (bbe for 2 le Vistom PUUS/UTS 92015 01 0220120 NFL ‘NEW JERSEY ELECTION LAW MARC P CASWELL ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION RETURN TO FUEC BLEC RECEIVEDw anor OF SEaMoe ¥ NOV 17 204 Mace P. Caswell AFEIDAVIT. AND WAIVER OF HEARING STATE OF NEW JERSEY ) Jss: county oF _Uiscers ) peep being of full age and duly sworn according to law (Grint name above) ‘on oath depose and say: I violated the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act (N.JS.A. 19:44A-1 ef seq.) as set forth in the Complaint and Notice of Opportunity for a Hearing in the above-captioned matter. My failure to Gle timely was not willful and knowing and not intended to conceal or misrepresent or evade the disclosure of any information required by the Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act. | understand that this Affidavit and Waiver of Hearing is « public document, and request that the following reasons for the violations be considered by the Commission for purposes of possible mitigation (additional sheets ‘of paper may be attached): (see attaches A@voluit) CHECK ONE BOX: I-did not spend any money on my 2012 primary election candidacy and no other person or committee ‘expended any flunds on my behalf, including in-kind contributions. C11 spent funds on my 2012 primary election candidacy or other persons or committees spent funds on my behalf, including in-kind contributions. (See Over) 4° ‘Swom and Subscribed to ae idirshhanidbninnlleinand a ee a eee ee “CHECK ONE BOX, and fill in information where appropriate: >t Thave not been previously reprimanded or fined by the Election Law Enforcement Commission. C1 thave been previously reprimanded or fined by the Blection Law Enforcement Commission, Set forth below the year and election and penalty imposed (additional sheets of paper may be attached): Tundetstand that I have a right to a hearing at which I may present evidence and argument on all issues involved pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (NJS.A. S2:14B4l to -15 and 52:14F-1 to -13). I farther understand that I may be represented by an attorney at such a hearing, Lunderstand that, pursuant to NL.S.A. 19:44A-22 and NJAC, 19°35-17.1 er seq, the Election Law Enforcement Commission is empowered to impose a penalty against me of not more than ‘$6,800.00 for each violation of the Act, that is for each reporting transaction that is not reported in the manner established for reporting or that is not filed on the date established for filing by the Act or Commission regulations. Thereby decline and waive any hearing and appearance in this Complaint, and request that default not be entered against me, and that the Commission consider the contents of this affidavit in reaching a Final Decision, Tauthorize Commission staff to present this matter to the Commission for Final Decision action, (affirmed) before me this. & day of Nouarban, 20 \4_. My Teac Cats os. van cMocren, chy tou Oe Set Nor mnleon 2s ray 8 Oe MAIL TO. ‘NEW JERSEY ELECTION LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION P.O. Box 185 Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0185, NEW JERSEY ELECTION LA’ Ge lenee, ee OF A eee ee pr ‘XK ANSWER TO THE COMPLAINT ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION AND NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY : FOR A HEARING FOR FAILURE. vs. TO FILE CAMPAIGN REPORTS FOR THE 2012 PRIMARY ELECTION MARC P. CASWELL, Candidate for Municipal Office, Roselle Park Borough, Union County €-9.2015 01 03-P2012 AFFIDAVIT I, Mare P. Caswell, do hereby swear and affirm: 1. Twas selected to run in the Republican Primary scheduled for June 14, 2012. The position was uncontested. 2. Idid not expend any money and no person ot committee expended any funds on my behalf including in kind contributions. 3. I did not realize Thad to file the A-1 and R-1 forms for an uncontested primary lection believing J oaly had to do so in contested elections 4. apologize for neglecting to file the appropriate forms. 5. T subsequently resigned my position as Second Ward Councilman two months later on August 15, 2012 (see copy of my resignation letter attached) as 1 sold my house located at IER oselle Park, NJ 07204 and relocated tof] a: Bank, NIE in September, 2012. 6. That is why I did not receive any of the prior delinquency notices as Tno longer resided at my Roselle Park address, 7. Te was not until October 28, 2014 when I received the Complaint, at iny Red Bank address, filed against me dated May 28, 2014. You will note thie cover letter on the Complaint is addressed to my old Roselle Park address. 8. I did not willfully ignore or shirk my obligation to file the forms since I did not receive the delinquency notices. 9. Limmediately filed the appropriate forms upon receipt of the Complaint (see attached). 10. I have not held office since resigning my post in August of 2012 ‘om! lance: FeblS-2Se- (bbe for 2 lo Vistom PUUG/UTS |Hileby certify that the foregoing statements made by me are true, I certify that if any f the fordipitiip statements made by me are willfully false, T am subject to punishment. Dated: November 6, 2014 ‘om! lance: FeblS-2Se- (bbe for 6 001s Tis Tom CONS August 18, 2012 Mayar and Councit Boraugh of Raseite Fark 119 East Westfield Ave. Bocute Park, X) 07204 \ Dear Mayer and Covncit, paore o I am writing this detter ta submit my resignation as Second Ward Seuncit i Representative, effective August 36, 2012 as my fammly and T have decided to relocate out of Rosette Park to be Soser to both our families. Ir has been a genuine pleasure serving Roselle Park and the residents of the second ware during these past two years. I have enjoyed working with the councii, the multiple departments and { wilf miss my associations here. It has been & wonderful experience. T wish you ali the best in the future, “Think you for allowing me to serve as your councilman, © _ Councitmen 1/11/2014 Ge lenee, ee EPP Mare P. Caswell November 4, 2014 ‘Sent via Certified and Regular Mail New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Coinmission P.O. Box 185 — Trenton, NI 08625-0185 Re: Mare P. Caswell CID# 920150102G2011 To Whom It May Concern: Thave now been advised that I inadvertently failed to file my Form A-1, R-1 (14 day pre- election) and R-1 (29 day post-clection) forms as 2™ Ward Republican Counciiman for Roselle Park for the June 14, 2012 primary. T apologize as I ran an uncontested contest and did not realize I needed to file these forms. Tonly recently leamed of this deficiency as Tresigned my seat on August 15, 2012 and telocated to Middletown, New Jersoy. The delinquency notice was only recently served upon me on October 28, 2014 at my new address of| New Jersey HE . he prior notice must have gone to my old address of Roselle MPCiju [REPORT (CHECK ONE) (2 29- DAY PRE-ELECTION [1-Day PRE-ELECTION 10 - DAY POST-ELECTION Aor 15, REPORT OF CONTRIBUTIONS AND rene EXPENDITURES NEW JERSEY ELECTION LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMISSION P.O Box 185, Trenton, NJ 08625.0185 (609) 292-8700 or Tol Free Within N3 1-888-313-ELEC (3632) Web site hip itvww elec state n us! SENDOATE OR COMMITTEE NAME Warne ~- Csiece STREET ADDRESS. Roi [or | ticm| | yiecet Done rome ae —— oe FTECTIONDATE | ELECTION TYPE “BS{PRIMARY [_] MUNICIPAL [_] SCHOOL, G fs-[er | cHeckoney EY General [] RUNOFF J FIRE DISTRICT. DO NOT ATTENPT TO COMPLETE TABLES | AND I UNTIL SUMMARY TABLES appRopriATE SCHEDULES HAVE BEEN COMPLETED FABLE! RECEIPTS THis REPORT | CUMULATVETO 7 MONETARY CONTRIBUTIONS OF $300 OR LESS ij eeaesaeeerrars|saeaererer 2 MONETARY CONTRIBUTIONS IN EXCESS OF $300 AND ALL CURRENCY CONTRIBUTIONS [Schedule A] 3 IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS OF $300 OR LESS To SPECIAL 4 IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS IN EXCESS OF $300 [Schaduile 8] 5 LOANS RECEIVED IN EXCESS OF $300 AND ALL CURRENCY LOANS. (Schedule C 6 SUBTOTAL (ADD LINES 1 THRU 5) 7 REFUND OF EXCESSIVE CONTRIBUTIONS [Adjustment Schedule] 1 DISBURSEMENTS - CAMPAIGN EXPENSES [Schedule 1(D)] 2. DISBURSEMENTS - OTHER [Schedule 2(D)] 3. DISBURSEMENTS - CONTRIBUTIONS MADE TO OTHER, CANDIDATES/COMMITTEES [Schedule 3(0)) 4, CONTRIBUTIONS MADE ON BEHALF OF OTHERS, [Pro Rata Amount Schedules 1(0) and 2(0)} 5 IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS OF $300 OR LESS (TABLE |, LINE 3) 6 IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS IN EXCESS OF $300 (TABLE I, LINE 4) 7 SUBTOTAL (ADD LINES 1 THRU 6) 8 REFUNDED DISBURSEMENTS [Schedule F] 9 TOTAL EXPENDITURES ‘prone Basen Ean CoS Toa a Thess SCHEDULE A Monetary Contributions in Excess of $300 and All Currency Contributions COM RTETTOR TATE EMPLOYER WANE SORT RIECTOR AOORESS ERPLSVER ROORESS [CHECK 1F [AGGREGATE AMOUNT|DATE|S) RECEIVED — [AMOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD| eunmeney oe : [OCCUPATION |coMREUTORNE ———enriore ne — CONTRTSUTOR RODREES ERLOVER ADDRESS SECRE— TRSGRECITE Moth onTe SevED — paRGUNTS) RECEIVED TAS PERIOD euarenor CI [s é locouPaTION SONTREUTORTATE PtOVERWE [CONTRIBUTOR ADDRESS: V EMPLOYER ADDRESS: SHED F ——] RSOREGRTE ROUNDS] RECENVED NOUN SY REGENED THIS PERIOD eUasenoy Ol [s A SCOUPATION SORTREOTOR WA ERPLOTER TATE CORT ROTTOR SORES ETOVER ADRES CHECK F_— [AGGREGATE AMOUN DATE(S) RECEIVED [AMOUNTIS) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD] currency O] |s 8 [OCCUPATION TONTRIGUTOR NAME ENPLOVER NAME CONTRISUTOR ADDRESS [ENPLOVER ADDRESS [ERECK TF [AGGREGATE AMOUNT] DATE(S) RECEIVED [ANOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD] currency 2) |s 8 OCCUPATION (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR EVERY PAGE USED) TOTAL, THIS PAGE s (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR LAST PAGE USED) GRAND TOTAL $ ‘ier aay Bn a En 7 Toman Ree SCHEDULE B. In-Kind Contributions in Excess of $300 [CONTRIBUTOR NAME EMPLOYER NAME CONTRIBUTOR ADDRESS ENPLOVER ADDRESS [AGGREGATE AMOUNT| DATE(S) RECEIVED JAMOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD] Is 8 OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION OF IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS) [CONTRIBUTOR NAME EMPLOYER NAME [CONTRIBUTOR ADDRESS [EMPLOYER ADDRESS: [AGGREGATA AUNT] BATE[S) RECEIVED JAMOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD| s s [OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION OF IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS) CONTRIBUTOR NAME EMPLOYER NAME [CONTRIBUTOR ADDRESS [EMPLOYER ADDRESS [AGGREGATE AMOUNT] DATE(S) RECEIVED [AMOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD| s s [OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION OF IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS) [CONTRIBUTOR NAME EMPLOYER NAME, CONTRIBUTOR ADDRESS EMPLOYER ADDRESS [AGGREGATE AMOUNT| DATE(S) RECEIVED [AMOUNT|S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD] s $ OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION OF IN-KIND CONTRIBUTION(S) (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR EVERY PAGE USED) (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR LAST PAGE USED) TOTAL, THIS PAGE GRAND TOTAL 2 SCHEDULE C Loans Received in Excess of $300 and All Currency Loans TENDER NAME EMPLOYER NAME TENDER ABORESS EMPLOYER ADDRESS OCCUPATION [CO-SIGNER NAME { | MPLOVER NAME | | COSIGHERADDRESS " \ EMPLOYER RODRESS ‘OCCUPATION [AMOUNTIS) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD 8 [AGGREGATE AMOUNT DATE(S) RECEIVED CHECK IF currency O 8 TENDER NAME EMPLOYER NAME TENDER ADDRESS [EMPLOVER ADDRESS OCCUPATION ‘COSIGNER NAME EMPLOYER NAME (GNER ADDRESS ‘OCCUPATION [ANOUNT(S) RECEIVED THIS PERIOD, 8 DATE(S) RECEIVED [AGGREGATE AMOUNT CHECK IF currency 0 8 TOTAL AMOUNT OF LOANS RECEIVED THIS REPORT PERIOD ‘es Taya is ET CTR a FoR Ro ADJUSTMENT SCHEDULE Refund of Excessive Contributions PAYMENT DATE | CHECK NO PAYEE NAME AND ADDRESS REFUNDED AMOUNT (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR EVERY PAGE USED) (COMPLETE THIS LINE FOR LAST PAGE USED) ‘av Doty Besar Lv natn Conan TOTAL, THIS PAGE GRAND TOTAL, nv101 anvus 3OVd SIHL"WLOL (aan 39Vd 1Sv1 404 3NM SIH 3137dNO9) (aasn 39¥d AuaA3 NOs BNI SIML 3137409) SUaHLO INnoW? vwverOde ‘ALLINS ONILHOdaS SIKL LNNOWY aveOu ANnOWY TIN as0cuind sesuodxg uBledwe ‘SS3NQQV ONY AWWN JAAVE SINAWASuNasia - ()- FINGSHOS auva ANAWAVA TWwi01 anvas BOVd SIMA “W101,

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