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Helms/LeNoir 1

Roy Helms, Joseph LeNoir

Professor Lynn Raymond
UWRT 1102-E01
9 March 2015
Semester-Long Project Proposal
Our idea for the semester-long project is to focus on how new technology and social
media impact society today. These impacts are both good and bad, so we will discuss both the
positive and negative impacts. We may also go in depth and explain the possibilities of the
future. Some specifics will include the impact of texting, the use of social media, and the
development of communication devices such as smartphones.
We plan to approach this project so that we can inform our audience about how
technology is changing our world. This topic is relatable to ourselves as well as our audience
because we live in a changing world today. The development of social media impacts how
people behave in the world. We use it for multiple things nowadays and we continue to make
these types of communication bigger and better everyday. This is one of the most important
things to people, connecting with others. We plan on researching these changes and presenting
our findings.
Project Plan:
With Microsoft PowerPoint, we will present our findings as well as our personal opinions
about this topic. Research included in this project may include the different types

Helms/LeNoir 2

communication available throughout the world and how they are used. Other research will
include the positive and negative impacts that these technologies and forms of communication
have on the world.
This is a very relatable topic to just about everyone in the world today. All of our
audience probably has a cell phone and have used text messaging at some point. The large
majority of our audience probably use some form of social media to interact with other people.
This is why we want to show how they can possibly change their ways of using it and show what
good can come of using it. Our hope is that the audience will be inspired by our presentation to
actually use social media for what it was designed for. We also would like to know of these
things ourselves so we hope that this will be appealing to our audience as well as ourselves
Roles and Responsibilities:
Division of work will be equal work between the two people, each person will contribute
the same amount of work. We plan to divide the workload based on the level of our interest in
specific categories. Also, if one person already has some knowledge about specific information,
it may be easier if they research that topic further for more information. During the presentation,
we will divide the slides and time equally and each person will present the slides they have
created. Although, both partners will know what each other are going to talk about so that one is
not be completely blind to the other half of the presentation. By doing this, the workload should
be distributed evenly.

Helms/LeNoir 3

March 9: Submit Proposal
March 23: In-Class Work
March 29: Find All Sources
March 30: In-Class Work
April 12: Finish Semester-Long Project
April 13: Peer Review Semester-Long
April 14-26: Practice
April 15-27: Presentations