Gantt Charts in Excel 2007

Step One – Enter the Data
1. Enter the sample data shown here:

• • • •

Column A is the task name. Column B is the date the task will be started. Column C is how many days have been completed on the task already. Column D is how many days are remaining until completion.

Step Two – Create a Stacked Bar Chart
2. Select cells A1 to D6 and create a stacked bar chart.

Step Three – Make it Look like a Gantt Chart
3. Select the bit of the chart that represents the Start Date (shown in blue in this example). 4. Right click on it and select Format Data Series…

5. Go to the Border Color tab and select “No Line”. 6. Go to the Fill tab and select “No Fill”.

7. Select the start date in the legend and delete it. 8. Right click on the legend and select “Format Legend” 9. In the Legend Options tab, select Bottom then close.

Step Four – Adjust the Axis
10.The start and end values for the date axis need to be in number format not date format. To find these numbers: a. Format the earliest start date as a number.

b. In this example that gives us the number 39722.00 c. Then, in a blank cell enter the formula: • =B2+SUM(C2:D6) d. In this example this gives us the number 39947.00 e. Make a note of these two numbers and then reset the chart to how it was before step 10. 11.Right click on the axis along the bottom of the chart and select Format Axis. 12.Enter the number you got in step 10.b. as the Minimum. 13.Enter the number you got in step 10.d. as the Maximum. 14.Enter 28 as the Major unit. 15.Enter 7 as the Minor unit.

16.Go to the Alignment tab and enter 45 as the custom angle.

17.On the Number tab select Date as the category.

18.Press close.


You’re finished!

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