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Personal Statement

Niya McCray Brown

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants
the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. This quote from one of the most
distinguished romance novels The Notebook, identifies why I have such a passion for pursuing a
career as a marriage and family counselor. As articulated by the quote, I am a firm believer in the
universal motivating force that love provides. Throughout my lifetime, I have been able to
observe both sides of the immense power of relationships. An individuals perception of love
often originates from their family atmosphere, and this perception shapes their quality of life,
which ultimately effects what they contribute to society.
Upon my completion of graduate school, I intend to discover possible remedies for many
of the issues plaguing todays society by increasing the accessibility of family and marital
counseling. I would like to do so initially by becoming a licensed counselor and then creating a
movement to share the importance of healthy relationships such as a book series, website/blog,
or television show. Love is a discipline, that when practiced appropriately is a vehicle in which
to equip and motivate. Whether through building families or increasing societal productivity
through happiness, healthy relationships work to make the world function at its best. However,
unhealthy relationships do just the opposite and often contribute to a cycle of hurt, and neglect
that can spread like a viral disease. When positive examples of love are absent combatting other
issues of the world becomes even more difficult. Healthy relationships are essential to forming
healthy families which is arguably the most efficient mechanism to increasing the well-being of
communities and thereby the world.
The circumstances of my own lifes journey were incredibly favored. The love that has
been demonstrated through my familys promotion of self-worth and intellect is, in large part,
what I attribute my current success to. It is because of their essential role in my life that I
understand the power of healthy relationships. However, I am no stranger to the consequences of
the absence of love. Particularly as a female in the African American community, I have had
many friendships and personal experiences outside of my own home that have enabled me to
witness the extent to which negligence of an individuals holistic well-being can greatly effect
what they bring to society.
Many of the familial trends in our community are devastating and, based upon my
experiences, I believe that they are all a cyclical product of a lack of love. Fatherlessness,
teenage pregnancy, and divorce rates are all higher in the African American community and have
become even more evident to me personally during college. The consequences of the love deficit
caused by these trends can be seen in terms of our societal productivity in the academic
achievement gap and rates of unemployment which are also negatively distinguished among
African Americans. The unfortunate truth is that many of the people closest to me have endured
at least one, if not more of the examples above. Supporting my friends and family through their
journey and doing my best to aid them in learning to love themselves again has solidified my

Personal Statement
Niya McCray Brown
dedication to a career in family counseling as a personal commitment to promoting healthy
homes, a proactive solution to the chaos consuming the world.
I have been extremely fortunate throughout my matriculation through my undergraduate
experience. The development of my time management skills as well as my innate dedication to
academic success has been continuously proven in each of my endeavors. I treasure my 3.99
grade point average greatly as a product of my journey and I aspire to see the many opportunities
it will enable me to pursue in the future. However, it has taken a tremendous amount of focus
and internal motivation to translate into success every year, and the personal growth that I have
obtained is something that I consider even more valuable. Although my GRE scores have proven
less than stellar, I am confident in the fact that I am an excellent candidate for your program
because of my plethora of related extracurricular activities and research experiences.
Although I consider my education the number one priority of my university experience,
my involvement in activities outside of the classroom has enabled me to gain unique
experiences, as well as a useful perspective that I intend to use for the rest of my life. I view
campus activities not only as an opportunity to become involved in areas of interest on campus,
but also as a means through which to build the necessary team building, planning, and leadership
skills to be successful in my both personal and professional endeavors in the future. Serving the
Peer counselor Organization, Psychology Club, and Student Government Association, which are
full of individuals who share the same passion for helping improve the world I do, has truly
encouraged me to make a similar impact in my career field. In an effort to offer the world the
most equipped version of myself while making this impact my commitment to earn my masters
degree has been sealed.
The ambition that has enabled me to be successful thus far has all stemmed from my
passion to be an innovator for the field of counseling and I would love for your university to join
me on my journey toward making a difference.