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Early Childhood Education

Learning Experience Plan
Name: Valerie Arko
Date: February 23, 2015

Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarten

Lesson Title: Paint and Plants

Circle one:



Cognition and General Knowledge
Science Inquiry and Application
Make careful observations.
Approaches Toward Learning
Innovation and Invention
Use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials.
Pre-assessment of current knowledge: Students have been studying plant parts. Before the activity takes place, the teacher will point to different parts of the
plant and ask the students to name the parts of the plant she points to. For example, the teacher may point to the middle of the plant and the child will tell her it is
the stem.
Instructional Objectives (1-2)
One/Two Assessed Instructional
The student will be able to
verbally state a part of a
plant (flower, leaf, stem, or
root) when prompted by
the teacher
The student will be able to
demonstrate that they can
use their imagination and
creativity by creating a
painting of a flower or plant
using the given materials

One Assessed Developmental

The student will be able to use at
least 3 different materials when
creating a painting of a flower or

Assessment of Student Learning

Identify Evidence: To ensure students have met the
objectives, the teacher will use the checklist provided. The
teacher will prompt the students by asking them to point to
specific parts of the plant. This activity will be at the end of
a unit regarding plant parts.

Program Monitoring:
Since the students have already studied plant parts, this
activity will serve as an assessment as to whether they
understand the plant parts or not.
By the end of this activity, the teacher will have a compiled
list of data that states whether the students know the
different parts of the plant or not.

Learning Experience
Academic Language:
Procedural steps:
Teacher will call over students in small groups to
work with the teacher.
The teacher will remind the student what they have
learned about the plants. The teacher and student will
engage in conversation. The teacher will provide
plants for the student to observe.
The student will ask the student to point to certain
parts of the plan (i.e. root, stem, leaf, flower)
The teacher will have a checklist with students
names and will check off what students answered
The child will make their own plant using paint
The student will have the chance to choose colors
they want their plant to be


Early Childhood Education

Learning Experience Plan

Safety Considerations:
The students should be
cautious while using the
straws. Teacher must be
present to make sure they
do not choke.

The teacher will add drops of the paint on the paper

The students will move the paint around the paper
using a straw to blow the paint to make their design
After the student is done creating the flower, they will
then add the stem, leaves, and roots. The students
will be encouraged to use various materials (paper,
tissue, feathers, etc.).
Once the student has created their flower or plant,
they will label the plant parts with the teacher

Authentic Materials:
Construction Paper: White, Different shades of green,
Tissue paper: Green, brown
Various scrap paper from the classroom
Paint (various colorspink, blue, green, yellow etc.)
Plants (Flower and shrub)
Adult Roles:
The adult will prompt questions to students (ex: Can you point
to the leaf?). The adult will demonstrate blowing paint through
a straw. The adult must be present to ensure safety is being

Resources & References:

Reflection: (What have you learned about your students? How will this inform future instruction?)