FLDS Priesthood History for 5th - 8th Grade Students Taught by Warren Jeffs - Alta Academy (Sandy, Utah

) Tape # 11 – December 4, 1995 Subject: The Prophet Jacob
These great prophets are today Gods in the celestial kingdom. The stories we tell of them - we are trying to understand how they became a God so we can also become like them. Every prophet has the character of God. Today, you can understand President Jeffs by reading of these prophets. In the story of Jacob, he married both Rachel and Leah after working for their father for seven years. He had to work another seven years after receiving both ladies as wives. There is a great lesson here, for we see in this story what happens when there is jealousy between wives. We find how the children are affected in a family when wives do not love each other and rejoice in each other. Jacob had to be with Leah for a week, then after a week he got Rachel. We read in this story how the women felt, but we really never get the truth of how the father, Jacob felt about these situations. Rachel and Leah were upset at each other a lot. Jacob loved Rachel most, but the Lord closed her womb so she could, not have children for a long time. Leah had the first four children. Rachel was jealous and Jacob reproved her. Rachel gave Jacob her servant girl to be his wife, to bear children for her (Rachel). Remember, Jacob did only what the Lord told him. In Rachel's eyes, she wanted to have this happen, but Jacob would not do such a thing except the Lord would have him do it. So he married Bilhah and she had sons. In Rachel's eyes, the children belonged to her. In the priesthood eyes, they always belong to the father. When Leah saw Rachel's servant having children, she took her servant girl, Zilpah, and told Jacob to take her as wife. In Leah’s eyes, it was Leah who gave the girl to Jacob. Jacob only did what the Lord commanded him to do. We see the jealousy, the fighting between these women. They were trying to have Jacob do certain things, and that's what happens with jealousy in women. They feel like they can influence the husband with their feelings. Leah told Jacob, "You get to be with me instead of Rachel," The challenge Jacob had with these wives was, they had raised as gentiles. Their father worshipped idols. They did not have a priesthood connection until they married Jacob. This challenge between the wives was Jacob trying to work with them and teach them that they had to Jove one another. Jacob didn't do just what his wives told him. He did what he had to, to keep the peace in the family. The children grew up seeing the fighting between the mothers and for many years, the sons had feelings against the other mother, Rachel. I voice this so you can understand what happened with the son of Rachel, when he was born. After Rachel was humble and sweet and finally could love her sister wife, then the Lord sent a son to her. Seventeen years later Rachel died bringing forth her son Benjamin. These twelve sons are the head of the twelve tribes of Israel, with the exception of Reuben, who touched his sister Dinah, and one of his mothers in an evil way. He was an immoral man, who lost his right to be a head of one of the tribes. The twelve tribes of Israel are the eleven sons, with two sons of Joseph - Ephraim and Manasa. Jacob saw that he had to leave Laban in order to unite his family. It took twenty years for him to unite his wives around him. Before that, their jealousy and fighting caused them to be so against each other. You see, all this recording of their jealousy was Jacob enduring well, in love and patience. It wasn't the wives ruling the husband.


Jacob had these gentile like women converted to a degree of oneness. We will find out in tomorrow's story, the effect of those many years of fighting and feelings against one another - how the sons would take upon them, the nature of their mothers. It is important for you to learn priesthood lessons. Jacob knew he had to meet Esau, his twin brother who hated him and wanted to kill him. He prayed that the Lord would deliver him. He wrestled with an angel all night, demanding a blessing. He was given the name of Israel by that angel. Jacob sent ahead of him great gifts to "Esau in order to soften his heart. He conquered the hard heart of Esau by humbling himself and offering his flocks, servants, children and wives, to Esau as servants. Esau jumped off his horse and hugged Jacob instead of killing him. As far as we know, the many years that they lived in the land together, there was peace between them. Here's a lesson, young people. Those who have feelings against you, the way you conquer that problem is to humble yourselves. Don’t go head to head and fight. Be kind to them. Love those who hate you. Do good to those who might speak against you, and you will conquer them and their hate towards you quicker than any fighting could ever do. That is the lesson in these stories.

December 5,1995 Subject: Joseph in Egypt
Are you amazed at yesterday's stories? Many people wonder how a man can wrestle with an angel. We just accept the story because it was told to us. Yesterday, we talked about how the wives of Jacob had great challenges in their feelings, one toward another. Today, you will see the result - how they treated their brother Joseph, the son of Rachel. Joseph dared report to his father that there were evils among his brothers, and Jacob reproved the boys for doing wrong. These big brothers were then angry at Joseph, who was obedient to his father. Jacob made a special coat of many colors and the brothers were jealous and accused their father of favoritism. The reality was, Joseph obeyed and the other boys were disobedient. They often didn't stay with flocks. I say again, the boys became a lot like their mothers - jealous and fighting. Before Joseph was born, his mother had been humbled greatly and that is the kind of a woman that this obedient boy was born through. Joseph was humble and obedient because his mother humbled herself and that's the kind of boy she brought forth. When he shared his dreams with his brothers, they were angry. Perhaps you've been through this kind of a test in your life, where you see evils that your big brothers or sisters do. You know the teachings of the priesthood - if you keep quiet and protect them in their evils, it's just like you did the evil. This is the test on everyone of you. If you're the older one and do wrong and then threaten the younger ones, you're just like the older sons of Jacob who got in so much trouble. These boys were not close to their father for a long time and some of them became immoral and unclean. Joseph passed the test. His father sent him to see what his brothers were doing. When he approached the group, they became angry and didn't keep sweet. He was pleasant and said he'd come to check on them. The brothers put him down in a deep pit and said they were going to sell him as a slave. The Midianites took him out of the pit and sold him to the captain of the guard of Pharaoh, named Potipher. Joseph was 17 years old when tom from his home. The boys decided to lie to their father and said they found the coat of many colors with blood on it. Jacob wept and wept for days; He was so sad,


he almost died. Joseph obeyed Potipher and took the challenge sweetly, thus gaining the approval of others and then control of Potipher's household, etc. The spirit of God whispered to him that one day all would be well if he would just keep sweet and endure well. Joseph was clean and innocent. He'd been taught by his father that the greatest sin you can commit is to touch a girl - the greatest sin next to murder. Jacob taught Joseph that he should preserve his virtue and not allow a girl to touch him and not allow himself to touch any girl so he could one day receive the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His love for Jacob is what carried him through. It so happened that the wife of Potipher thought she was a mighty pretty lady and she was immoral. She wanted to be with men other than her husband. Joseph in his teenage years, was very handsome. She called him beautiful. She, in the worldly way, fell in love with Joseph, to where she wanted to be with Joseph and touch him, and kiss him and hug him. She commanded him to come to her bedroom and lay with her. She ordered him to kiss her and touch her and he would not. When she saw he would not, she was so sad. When nobody was around, she would say, "I love you, I love you. Aren't I beautiful? Touch me, I love you." All the time, constantly, whenever they were alone, she was trying to get Joseph to commit this great evil. Joseph learned real quickly, how to handle this temptation that whenever a girl who wanted him to like her was around, he would just look down on the ground and not look up. One day Zellicah ordered him to look at her, after she had dressed into something that showed her self - she wasn't covered. He would not look so she grabbed him and tried to kiss him. He pushed her away and rushed away so fast, she held onto his coat. Being a failure she was so mad she started crying in a phony way of course, saying she had been attacked. Joseph told Potipher that he had done nothing that Zellipah had been trying to touch him all this time. Potipher believed his wife and had Joseph whipped then thrown into prison and there he stayed for years. Here's the lesson for today, young people. As you get older, as your body grows, you will be tested in this area of your life. I know that a child is tested very young in this. You have to come to loyalty and the love of priesthood, to where you'd rather die - you boys, than ever touch a girl and you girls, you'd rather die than ever touch a boy or want to be touched, because once certain things are done, you cannot go to the celestial kingdom. You cannot go to the- celestial kingdom if you get married wrong- if boys and girls do things together, where they can't be in this work any more. I say to you young people, what Uncle Roy was taught, was taught by his father, a boy doesn't even have the right to take a hold of a girl's arm until they're married. The girls must keep the bars up and not let boys touch them. Egyptians were a people who were naked just like the people on the streets in our city. They didn't keep themselves covered. Joseph had the same challenge that we do. One day, you'll go through this test. The devil will tempt the boys to like a certain girl or the girls to like a certain boy. I'd like to give you a few recommends in your habits in your daily life, to help you grow up morally clean. It's the gentile tradition that boys can get dressed with boys and girls get dressed in front of girls. I'm telling you, the prophets don't do that. My father didn't say, "Come into my bedroom and watch me get undressed and dressed." He kept himself private from his boys eyes. We've told you the story how Canaan, the son of Bam, was cursed for making fun of Noah's nakedness. I remind you of what


the first thing the Lord did for Adam and Eve - to teach them to cover their bodies. Even before He taught them about baptism, sacrifice of animals, or the gift of the Holy Ghost, He first taught them to cover their bodies. You know a little baby growing up, can be naked and not be guilty, not feel bad. They can run through the house being uncovered and not really feel guilty, but it seems like the age of two to three years old, a child's mind starts to understand. You can say to that child, "You stay covered." As early as two years old, a child can be taught it is so wrong to go uncovered. I voice this to show you that inside each of you, you know it's wrong, so when you get dressed in the morning, or get your nightclothes on at night, don't do it in front of brothers and sisters. Go to the bathroom or closet where you're alone somewhere where you can have your body be sacred to you. When you get undressed, even to cleanse your body with a bath, do it quickly - get dressed quickly and consider that even your eyes should be guarded. I'm talking about treating your own body right. You should keep yourself covered. In your daily walk in your home, you bigger boys don't go touch those girls, those little sisters. You girls don't touch those boys. You bigger girls, if you change their diapers, do it quickly. Don't let them run around naked, learning to be uncovered. Teach children to be covered and help your parents teach them to be moral. These are little habits you can have, to teach children to keep covered. Why do I dare talk like this? It's because you go right out on the street and there's naked people. You go out in the stores and they're wearing their shorts, and their uncovered bodies are right in front of your eyes. I dare say to you, that you must be covered. You must be different from the world. Do as Joseph in Egypt did.


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