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Ana Diaz

Teri Abbott
Liberal Studies 400
February 25, 2015
Math Reflection
Mathematics is an important subject that should be taught correctly for the simple reason
that we use math every single day. From counting, money, and time. After reading the
Mathematic framework Ive noticed a couple of things. In order to teach mathematics the teacher
should be well prepared. The teacher should understand the concept thoroughly. Not only that
but he or she should be able to explain the concept in terms the student will understand. While
reading the first section of the Math Framework I came across a problem that might prevent a
student from understanding the problem. When working with word problems some students are
not able to understand the language of these problems so a teachers job is to make sure that
every student understands the problem correctly.
After reading the Mathematics Framework I began to realize that there was two class
courses that will help me teach mathematics. Math 107- Mathematics for Elementary Teachers:
Real Number and Math 207- Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Fundamentals of geometry
have prepared me well. When taking Math 107 I questioned why I needed to learn again how to
add and subtract nevertheless I was being taught how to do so in ways where I could teach my
students how to learn this subject. We used blocks, shapes, number lines and other ways to teach
one particular topics. It was amazing to be taught why we add the way we do, understand what it
really means at a different level. Math 207 did the same thing, I was taught to show and
understand my work. I feel like these two courses taught me a lot and helped me a lot with

Math can seem a little intimidating but I feel like Im well prepared in most math areas.
From being able to explain place value, how to add and subtract using multiple techniques. Im
prepared to teach students how to collect data and interpret it as well, learning how to tell time.
Math 107 and 207 have gave me the resources to do so. Even though I might feel like Im
prepared for these areas I feel like its right to continue learning and going over these lessons in
order to explain these problems without any difficulties.
Some areas I feel Im less prepared on is working with fractions. I personally dont feel
very comfortable with using fractions, I sometimes find it difficult to work with them. Therefore
I can only just imagine that it will be beyond difficult to teach something that intimidates me.
With more practice I hope someday to be well prepared and feel more comfortable with
Reading the Mathematics Framework made me look back and think about work Ive done
in the past. The classes that kept going thought my head were going Math 107 and 207. In these
classes I did work that I can use as artifacts in my portfolio. Some of the work I can use are notes
that I took while learning how to understand the place value and how we use that in order to add,
subtract, multiple and divide. I also will use some of my tests I took in these classes because I
feel like they have good Math explanations. I feel like these artifacts will be able to explain my
knowledge because it shows clearly how I understand these areas.