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INGL 3104 Paraphrasing Activity

The Purdue OWL describes paraphrasing as the following:

Your version of someone elses information and ideas, presented in a new form.
A legitimate way (if accompanied by accurate documentation) to borrow from a source.
More detailed than a summary -- it focuses on a single main idea (Purdue OWL).

Paraphrase the following passages from Through the Ice.

1. Perhaps not. To an extent, his power is his liability, in this case. He has, among other
things, the ability to sense people by their magic. Because of this, an attack on him by the
people of this world who possess magic would be impossible. He would always know
where we were, and would eliminate us at his whim. But all of you, Rame not excepted,
lack the ability of self-driven magic. Therefore he will not be able to detect you by your
natures, and you will be able to approach and surprise him. But he knows of your
existence, so will be alert, and his spies are everywhere (60).

2. He wondered if Tirsa saw him the way he had seen a girl of his class. She had been
plain, and not so in demand for dates. When a turnabout dance came up, she had asked
him. Surprised, he had accepted, though he did not expect to enjoy it the way he might a
date with a pretty girl. But he discovered that appearance was deceptive; the girl was
lively and an interesting conversationalist, and he had a great time. He had learned
something then: not to judge by initial impressions. Sure, beauty was great but there
were other things, and they could be more important. He had accepted the date only as a
favor to the girl, but he felt that in the end he had done himself one (80).

3. He sent the elements water, earth, air and fire and each of us reacted according to

the ones he related to. My greatest fear is of being trapped in the deep earth, of being
suffocated and crushed, because that is the way I was dying when I was transported here.
Seths is of water dark, icy water, drowning him. Vidavs is of fire; he was on the verge
of burning to death when he came here. Rames She paused, reading the fauns thought.
Is of air, a violent storm. She suffered it in life, I think, at the same time as the others of
us suffered our traumas. We all verged on dying, and so when the sending came we all
relived it (94).