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In the subject Linking Theory for practices-TSL 3103, I have learnt a lot of things such as
theory of listening and speaking, reading skills, writing for different text types, writing academic
papers and last but not least writing reflections.
By learning this subject, I can understand and analyze about the different types of most
important theory of teaching English in detail as compared to the last time before this subject
had been taught to me. Besides, I have learnt listening and speaking skills. Thus, I can identify
and use the skills in listening and use them appropriately. Besides, I teach the students to
respond to a variety of stimuli and express my opinions and give their personal responses.
After that about reading skills, I have been improving a lot since I learnt this topic. I am
able to teach to read text given to me smoothly and did not even pause to think of how to read
the word in a correct or proper way. I can understand Barretts taxonomy of reading
comprehension. Moreover, I can read for meaning and understand a variety of texts and give
personal responses after reading and understanding the text given to me. After I came across
this few theories, I realized that I had improved a lot. I can recognize my strength and
weaknesses in Englis. For example, I am glad that I can read and differentiate different classes
of words in proper. My weakness is I can hardly listen to a recording properly. This is due to less
exposure to listen to English. I have encountered this problem since last time and I will try my
best to improve my listening skills. For example, I will listen to news in English more frequently,
listening to radios and watch more English movies without subtitle.
As learning this subject, I realized I had improved a lot. This can be seen when I wrote
essays or speak more fluently in English. Special thanks to my lecturer as she is so dedicated
and take full responsibility in teaching and educating us. She gave us more time to do the
presentation to present because as we knew, to become a teacher we must be ready to speak
in front of the class fluently. Lastly, I hope that I could use these skills to teach the students in
the future.