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Total Detector

Total Detector is an RFID based

proximity detection system that alerts
heavy equipment operators of the
presence of other vehicles, personnel
and equipment. Its purpose is to reduce
the chance of collisions and to
eliminate interactions between
operating equipment and personnel.

Advanced Technology for Safer Mining

Robust System offers Guaranteed Detection:
Unparalleled Safety and Security for your
personnel and equipment.

The Total Detector System provides a

visual and audible warning to equipment
operators and identifies the position and
distance of any vehicles, heavy
equipment or personnel that are in
proximity to the established geofenced
Total Detector uses the most current
RFID technology to ensure complete
detection within the pre-established
GeoFenced area, will be processed and
detected in Real Time, for instant
display and activation of the audible

- Detection range of up
to 500 meters
- Congurable GeoFenced Areas:
Early warning and high risk
- Detection of type, position and
distance of all tags within specified
- Rapid Tag Detection Speed
- Tags are equipped with
rechargeable batteries, offering
maximum run time and most
powerful RFID signal possible

System Configuration:

Embedded Processor allows for system expansion

RFID Tags with Unique Identification
4 x PROVIX Detection Antennas
In Cab Monitor displays Tag location and type

No GPS signal needed and No monthly communication fee.

Robust | Reliable | Intui-ve | People | Vehicles | Machinery | Equipment

Total Detector arms each vehicle, each person and

each piece of operating heavy equipment with an
RFID tag. Each tag emits a wireless radio signal that
specifically identifies whether it is attached to a
person, vehicle or other type of heavy equipment.
The tag can be detected up to 500 meters away and
this distance is configurable to meet operational
requirements. Once the tag is detected, the type
and location of the tag is displayed on the LCD
monitor in the cab of the moving equipment, while
the operator is alerted to the presence by an
audible alarm.
Advantages over other systems:
- GPS option for asset tracking for surface mining
- Visual and Audible Alarms with Location Based Display
-Impervious to Environmental Conditions
-Self Contained System with No Requirement for Infrastructure Deployment
-Proactive System which alarms the operator only when required
-IP67 Waterproof

-integrate with other gauges and monitoring systems

Short Datasheet:
Heavy Equipment and Vehicles are equipped with easy to install hard
wired tags.
Personnel tags are equipped with rechargeable ba;eries and attachment
Battery operated RFID tags offer the best performance and the highest
degree of reliability.

Relevant Data:
Power Supply

868.175mhz - 868.375mhz
12- 24 volts

Emission Cycle

<1.2 seconds

Work Distance DetecDon

+-500 meters

Alarm Range

Fully Congurable
Fully Configurable

Working Frequency

Robust | Reliable | Intui-ve | People | Vehicles | Machinery | Equipment