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Registration Cycle for

British Council GCE School Candidates

Candidate receives GCE registration information
from Schools

School candidates are required to register for O- & A-level examination through their respective school

School forwards the student exam entries with consolidated bank draft to the respective British Council office

British Council Examinations Services will send the entry on/before the official exam registration closing date
to the UK Examining Board (Cambridge / Edexcel)
The UK Examining Board (Cambridge / Edexcel) sends the Statements of Entry

British Council Examinations Services despatches Statements of Entry

and Exam Venue details to the schools three - four weeks before the exam date
Exam takes place at the designated exam venue

After the Exam, British Council Examinations Services return answer scripts to
the UK Examining Board for marking
Enquiries about Results (EAR)
procedure and Form is sent to each school

British Council receives exam results from the UK Examining Board

and the results are made available on the British Council website
British Council Examinations Services despatches Statement of Results
to the schools to be further passed on to the candidate

School fills the EAR form for all the

candidates who wish to get their exams
rechecked, submits the completed form along
with the consolidated payment (either the
amount is deposited in the British Council
bank account using the deposit slip at the
bank or through a pay order made in the
name of the British Council)

British Council processes the EAR and

sends it to the UK Examining Board
British Council receives the details of EAR and
forwards the revised results of EAR to the
candidate's school

British Council Examinations Services despatches certificates

according to the Certificate Despatch Policy