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Running head: OVERVIEW

Carol Valmore
University of St. Thomas

Dr. Eduardo Torres

Spring 2015

My projects were rewarding and challenging at times, however, overall, it was a learning
experience I will always remember and value. Also, each project was important and needed to
help the educational community and to build morale and motivation.
The Online learning lab project was a tool and a resource set in place to help students
achieve learning in a non-traditional environment. Online learning has given students the
opportunity to receive initial credits or to recover credits at their pace. Students can access their
course at their convenience. Students can review course material, and they can take notes on the
computer and they can retrieve information as needed. Syllabus are used to help parents and
students aware of the rules and the procedures of the Online learning lab. Parent letters are given
to the parents to introduce them to their childs course, and to give them the teachers name, and
email address.
Online learning can be a challenge for many students, because students must be discipline
and stay focused on course material. Distractions such as, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube
can interfere with a students academic progress. However, in the school environment, the
teachers must constantly monitor and interact with students to ensure learning.
The College Talk project was a needed and successful project that enlightened and assisted
students in becoming aware of the processes that are required before entering college. My
campus set aside an entire week. Students were allowed to wear their favorite school shirts and
school hats. Teachers and administrators were encouraged to decorate their doors showing the
school they graduated from, and to wear their cap and gowns to school. Since my school is a
Title I school and predominantly economically disadvantaged student population, this project
was a way to start dialogue with students to help them learn and understand about various
colleges and what requirements are needed to be admitted. Student and teacher morale

increased. Students helped teachers decorate their doors, and students were given the
opportunity at each lunch period to meet with advisors from various colleges to answer questions
and give them college information.
Teacher Recognition Committee has helped to motivate and increase morale throughout
the campus community. It is always positive to recognize teachers for their diligent work and
time and effort they put forth at school. Teachers who are selected each month are nominated by
their peers by a teachers recognition survey and teachers survey. Teachers are given a
certificate at the first faculty meeting of each month.