Meeting our Needs: Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and the community food system

Lauren Short Ben Chrisinger

PLAC 555: Community Food Systems | April 22, 2008

Our Project:
I. Investigation of BRAFB system
Funding Intake Distribution

II. Inclusion of local food in BRAFB system

The BRAFB System | Our Project

Research based on typical distribution to a family of four once a month These staple items included nonperishables:
Grains: Cereal, pasta, rice Vegetables/legumes: canned green beans, dried pinto beans, canned tomatoes Fruit: Canned apple sauce Meat: Canned chicken, canned tuna Prepared foods: Canned soup Snacks: Granola bars, cookies, crackers, popcorn

The BRAFB System | Methods

Findings & Challenges:
Difficult to trace food to source due to nondisclosure policies Saw importance of nonperishable food as the most convenient solution for Food Bank

The BRAFB System | Findings & Challenges

BRAFB System, State Scale


44 80

BRAFB System, Area Scale





BRAFB System, National Scale


Ideas for Change:
I. Community Kitchen
Help circumvent regulations while encouraging community ownership of food security

II. Sourcing more locally
Partnership with Market Central can offer low-cost goods directly to TJAFB or its agency organizations

The BRAFB System | Ideas for Change

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