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Serivce Learning Proposal

Rebecca Sherborne
Ferris State University
Nurs 250

Sally Borello
April 23, 2015
This proposal will describe an opportunity to gain knowledge of culture, another
language, and medical experience through volunteering. It will explain what the student plans to
do for their service learning project. How the trip will be beneficial to their learning. What
responsibilies that will be present during the trip, and also what the student ultimately wants to
expects to learn from the experience. The student will also provide and evaluation of their
experience once the service learning project is completed.

Service Learning Proposal

A service learning project is an opportunity for a student to get involved with a part of
their community where they aim to gain knowledge and skills related to professionalism and
team work. Service learning Engages students in active learning that demonstrates the
relevance and importance of academic work for their life experience and career choices
("Benefits of Service-Learning"). This will allow the student to equate their learning to real life
and react accordingly.
Agency Description
The Organization I chose to do my service learning project is called Volunteer HQ. I have
chosen to go to Costa Rica to work in the medical clinics and get hands on experience in medical
care. The purpose of this organization is to collaborate with those who want to volunteer in
countries are in need and set them up with volunteer sites and accommodations while abroad.
See Appendix A for the informational website.
Volunteer Role
My role with this organization will be to work with a group of students from my school
to provide assessments, care, and education to patients at the clinics we will be placed in. We will
also be responsible for helping those who work at the clinic with any treatment they may need
help giving.
Objectives as Related to Program
This service learning allows me the chance to enhance my team work skills, my physical
assessment skills, and also the chance to provide care and education to patients in need. In order
for me to be successful on the trip I will have to be able have an understanding of what health
concerns may affect the people of this region, and have an understanding about other cultures.
Being able to work well as a team will be important during my service learning project because


we will be able to rely on each other for help understanding the language, and providing care.
One study states that the definition of team work or collaboration is assuming complementary
roles and cooperatively working together, sharing responsibility for problem solving and making
decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care (O'Daniel). I believe that this service
learning is an opportunity for us to practice our collaboration in a way that will allow us to learn
more efficiently for the future.
Evaluation plan
One way that I will be able to look back on my experience during the service learning
project is through the use of journal entries. By keeping a journal entry I will be able to reflect on
each of my patients and the care I provided. I will gain experience and knowledge through the
use of collaboration with the health care workers of Costa Rica and also my peers. During this
time I will also follow all legal and ethical guidelines as not only a nursing student of Ferris State
University, but also as a professional.



Contact Information:
International HQ
January 2nd, 2016- January.9th 2016



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