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It is needed to establish link between two or more devices on a network

It also controls the link between two or more devices on a network

It is one of the 2 Sub layers of the DATA LINK layer in the osi model,
the other one is MAC Layer

Most local area networking technologies use the IEEE 802.2 LLC protocol.
It has the capability to handle different types of protocols without any
Problem like example, Unix's TCP/IP, Novell's SPX/IPX and IBM's Netbios etc

(Protocol – is set of instructions)

LOGICA L LINK CONTROL uses a method known as SAP (Service Acces
Port ) to identify the different protocols

It is like an INDENTIFICATION , and each protocol has it so it can be identified

( one example can be ,like

like we used to have roll numbers in school along with
our name for identification )

Netbios Netbios


Now LLC has another important function that a particular protocol from
source (from which the protocol has come) talks to same protocol at
destination network

Which is known as DSAP (Destination Service Access Port)

Like TCP/IP talks

Lik t lk tto TCP/IP
TCP/IP, Netbios
N tbi talks
t lk tto Netbios,
N tbi and
d IPX/SPX talks
t lk to