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Prepared by

Nazim khan

 Never mix professional and personal life.


 Proper planning through effective execution of various plans.


 Utilize time properly.


 Never let success make you over confident and always be


 Never start celebration before reaching the finish line.


 You must be a patient listener.


 Never give up whatever the situation.


 You will have to believe in your potential.


 One’s real abilities are not tested until and unless they fly solo.


 Try to maintain complete transparency in your own principles.


 Always should think about the welfare of the organization.


 If you feel that something is right and it can give positive results
just go ahead and do it.


 To be courteous to everyone, but to share private thoughts with

only a few.


 Never howl on any situation, rather try to take all possible

benefits from it.


 Never to force people into anything. “Consensus is better.”


 You must define the problem correctly and chances are that you
will solve the problem correctly.


 Unless you take risk, you can never gain. So you will have to take
risk but take it in a much planned way.


 Remember that everyone you meet is hungry for a kind word’.


 There are no limits to what one can achieve know where to draw
the line. So basically everyone decides their own achievements.

 To treat every individual with personalized importance.


 You should always cry (with tears) when you are sad. It’s a big
reliever for me”.


 Success comes only when you work harder.


 You should always diligent toward work.


 You should be most careful whenever you make a hiring decision

and to always hire people who are better than you are……..”.


 If you are particular about time, it not only helps you to do a lot
of things but creates a very strong impression about your


 Positive motivation should be long lasting and negative

motivation should not last long.

 Every aspect of business should be done on a concrete basis and

no illegal thing should ever happen.