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FBR REPORT: Photos of Families Fleeing, Burma Army, and a

Villager Killed
Karen State, Burma
1 February, 2010

Dear Friends,

Here are more photos of people fleeing the recent attacks in Karen State, Burma.
This set of pictures includes a picture of a villager who has been decapitated by the
Burma Army (image blurred to make less graphic. It is the last photo in the set if
you do not wish to see it). Also included are pictures of Burma Army troops on the
way to attack the Karen, and victims of forced labor. This photo set follows the
report and photos we sent out fro here in Karen State, earlier this week. For the
earlier report please see report: UPDATE OF BURMA

Thanks so much helping us put a light on the situation in Burma and thanks to the
news agencies who help get the word out.

May God bless you,

A Relief Team Leader, Free Burma Rangers

Western Karen State, Burma

WARNING: Report contains graphic images.

Families fleeing attacks in Northern Mon Township 24 Jan 2010
Children flee Burma Army attacks in Northern Mon Township 24
Jan 2010
Families at hiding site 24 Jan 2010

Burma Army Troops on the way to attack the Karen 18 Jan 2010
Burma Army camp above Maladaw forced relocation village.18 Jan 2010

Tha Bin Nyunt Army camp on a hill in the plains west of the Karen
State and transite point in the plains for attacks into Karen State
19 Jan 2010
Children forced to porter for the Burma Army 17 Jan 2010
Villagers forced to porter for the Burma Army.
Villager Saw Htoo Nay Wa killed and decapitated on 19 Jan 2010 in Toungoo District.