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Child’s Play Day Nursery

Letter of Intent to Contract Child Care Services

I/We understand that a non-refundable holding fee of one (4) weeks is required to
guarantee/reserve our spot in Child’s Play Day Nursery. This payment shall be paid
either at the signing of this document. Failure to make this payment will result in the
daycare vacancy being made available to other potential clients.

If there is a decision not to enroll as planned or if circumstances require a delay

in the start date; I/We agree to notify CPDN/Laurie Johnson as soon as possible
BEFORE the start date or the vacancy will no longer be guaranteed. This holding
covers the period up until your child’s start date, listed below.

This security deposit/holding fee of __________will serve as your first two weeks of
tuition and your last two weeks of tuition.

Please sign this form and return it along with payment to:
Laurie Johnson.

I/We ________________________ intend to enroll our child ______________________

in Child’s Play Day Nursery, beginning on or about ___________________________.

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________ Date _________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________ Date _________________

Provider Signature ______________________ Date _________________