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Daniella Chavez

LBS 400/ spring 2015

April 13, 2015
History-Social Science Reflection
In order to teach in elementary classrooms you need to know the subjects that are taught.
History-Social Science is a subject that requires knowledge about the Bill of Rights: the
constitution, world wars, presidents, geography, social economic classes, democracy and
republican parties, the pledge of allegiance, American symbols, holidays, the mission system,
gold rush, religion, culture, beliefs, the great depression, and about the California history.
History 301 and LBS 375 have prepared me with the knowledge I need to know in order
to teach in primary schools. I feel well prepared in areas like the California history, the great
depression, gold rush, migration patterns, the Boston tea party, and the statue of liberty; LBS375
was a great class, my professor had us doing different activities: such as a timeline of the mission
system, a recorded letter to the victims of Pearl Harbor, drawings of people finding gold, and I
also did a poster to demonstrate the involvement of women during the second world war. In my
history 301 class, I did a family tree where I had to find out information about my familys first
migration patterns. I also did a power point presentation where I had to illustrate where my
familys last name came from, what the meaning of our last name meant, and I had to locate
other places in the world where my last name is popular.
I feel less prepared in areas about the constitution, world wars, the bill of rights, the
constitution, the American Revolution, information about all the presidents we had, and all the
major events in chronological order.

The artifacts I will be using are a family tree from History301, and a research paper on
the Chumash tribe in California. During my history course I learned about: culture, race, our
community, immigration patterns, and religion. In addition, learned about the struggle my family
went through in order to come to the United States in search for a better future. I enjoyed both
classes because we worked in groups, we had hands on activities, and we had to use technology
such as power point or audio recorder to demonstrate our knowledge.
These work samples demonstrate my knowledge because as a future teacher I can have
my students ask their family questions about their background, community, and race to
incorporate everything on a family tree activity. Family trees are important because we will learn
from our ancestors and from our culture. My artifact from LBS375, demonstrates my knowledge
on California history: from the first tribes to settle in California, a list of the 21 missions, and the
purpose of the mission system: why the Spanish wanted to spread Christianity and gain territory.