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Dmitry Kurylovich

34 Hollidge Blvd, Aurora, ON, L4G 7H7

(289) 696-4284




ArcMap 10.x
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel

Total Station Surveying

GPS Surveying
Manifold GIS

Microsoft Access
SQL Server Express

Student GIS Project Manager/Specialist

September 2014 Present

Regional Municipality of Niagara Thesis Project

Developed a Workbench using FME to automate conversion and mapping of archived Automated
Vehicle Location Data.
Managed a Microsoft Access Relational Database containing Automated Vehicle Location Data
Created template maps and reports using ArcMap
Develop a model using Model Builder to automate data creation.
Independently managed the project to completion using PMI principles.

Economic Development Intern

November 2013 April 2014

City of Port Colborne - Economic Development & Tourism Department

Built foundation for an updated Competitive Analysis report using location quotient and shift share
Tested and finalized the release of the PC Prospector tool, a GIS based real estate software.
Created a step by step user manual and a PowerPoint presentation for the PC Prospector tool.
Wrote a media release regarding the PC Prospector tool published on January 24th, 2014
Contributed to research regarding business associated with the sea shipping industry.
Created concentric circle and commuter shed maps using online mapping software.

Research Assistant/GIS Consultant

April 2012 April 2014

Department of Geography, Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario

Analyzed industry dynamics of the Canadian Book Trade.

Examined adaptations of internet enabled technology to see how book publishers were using it to reach
their markets, and circumvent the Chapters Brick and Mortar Monopoly.
Traced occupational geographical histories of former employees of Silicon Knights, in particular to
determine how many former employees had started their own firms.
Obtained data from trade directories and analyzed data using MS Excel and Minitab 10.
Analyzed locations of publishers and Brick and Mortar book sellers using ArcGIS 10.1.

Lead Hand, Forklift Operator, Propane Attendant

2008-2010, 2014

Home Hardware, Aurora, Ontario

Obtained a forklift license and a propane attendant license.

Effectively received customer order and accurately shipped product.
Assisted in loading customer vehicles and delivering large fragile items such as marble counter tops and
large windows.
Unloaded tractor trailers, organized stock using a counterbalance forklift.

Returns Processor

July 2012 September 2013

CWD, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Tested functionality of consumer electronics to determine hardware flaws.

Consistently achieved one of the highest rates of units processed per hour, with a flawless record of
Kept accurate records of testing procedures and results of each product.
Increased efficiency within the Returns department by effectively organizing product based on
frequency of use.

Lead hand, Driver, Forklift Operator, Customer Relations


Superior Events Group, Toronto, Ontario

Managed time effectively and organized a crew to set up, operate and take down entertainment
equipment, with a time restraint.
Loaded trucks independently, drove to location and organized events alongside event coordinators.
Independently supervised a crew for up to four days on overnight event locations.
Handled, organized and shipped fragile and expensive equipment, meeting all TSSA standards.
24 hour on-call.

Geographic Information Systems Geospatial Management
Postgraduate Program
Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Geography
Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
Member of Brock University Geographical Society
Graduated on the Deans Honor List.

Sept 2014-Present


Attained OSSD

Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School, Aurora, Ontario


***References will be made available upon request.