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Go to

Find the drop-down menu titled “Experience India”
Go to “History”
1. How long ago did the first civilizations appear in the area?
2. What were the names of the Twin Cities?
3. What other civilizations existed at the same time?
4. What civilization dealt the final blow to Indus Civilization? What
5. What religion was created during this period?
6. Who was born in 567 B.C.?
7. What did the Emperor Ashoka do in 4th century BC?
8. Who took over a large section of India in 1192?
9. Who led the fight for independence in the 1940s?

Go back to the top and find the drop-down menu titled “Experience
Go to “Arts and Culture”
10.What is the name of the book said to be the main source for Indian
11.Who is the “God of Creation,” according to Hindu legend?
12.What were built as tributes to the gods and became centers of society?
13.Who usually ordered the construction of such temples?

Once again, go back to the top and select “Cuisine” from the menu
14.What is the most well known type of Indian food?
15.What does Masala mean?
16.What gives Indian food its unique taste (ingredients)?
17.What are the six categories of Indian food?

Go back to the mane at the top and select one of the options from the
“Holiday Ideas” menu (your choice!)
18. In a paragraph or so, describe one of the holiday ideas that interests
you. Why would you want to visit that particular place?