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Oklahoma State University_ College of Design, Housing & Merchandising

DHM 4373 advanced computer-aided design for interiors viii_ s 2010

i __ ryan vincent
o __ hes 434b

a rendering
due: February 10/11
points possible: 50

After selecting one of the two base images from the class blog, create a rendering
using Photoshop that clearly conveys a careful consideration of context (location), the
end-user (client) and overall consistency in design.

Renderings should include materiality, an indicated location, and scale figures

(entourage). Once the image is constructed, it is advisable that you treat it as you
would any other image in terms of basic photo-corrections and overall polishing (think
back to our first Photoshop project).

Please include a description in the caption of your posted submission, detailing the
location, a brief blurb about the client, and a summary of your design approach.

Each submission will be evaluated against the following:

• Design consistency
• Cleanliness of image
• Quality of entourage
• Overall image quality
• Necessary information (image caption)