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Bathing is a common thing we do every day, not just humans, even animals were used
to bathe, call it an elephant, buffalo or kudanil. The animals are very happy to
immerse himself into the water.

Islam as a religion revealed by God to all mankind, also teach the things relating
to this bathing habits.

This is because related to the cleaning bath to remove hadats themselves large,
before the worship activities. Here are things that cause a compulsory bath:

Intercourse due out semen or other reasons that cause someone out semen
Who did not die a martyr etrmasuk
Done childbirth (maternity)
Wiladah (after childbirth)
Because menstruation

A. Fardhu Bathroom

1. Intention:

Gusla li Nawaitul-raf'il-hadatsil-Akbari fardhal lillaahi ta'aalaa.

It means: "I intend to remove the compulsory shower big Fardhu hadats for God."

2. Wash entire body with water, smooth water to hair and skin senua
3. Eliminate unclean

B. Sunna Bathroom

Put washed all dirt and filth and the whole body
Reading "rahmaanir-Bismillaahir-rahiim" at the beginning of a bath
Facing the Qiblah while bathing and giving priority to the right than the left
Body washed up three times
As the prayer reading prayers after her ablutions
Putting taking water for ablution, ie before purification ritual bath first

C. For people prohibition Medium Junub

For those who are berjunub, namely those who are still big berhadats, should not
be doing things as follows:

Thawaf conduct in the House
Reading Al-Quran

D. For the Medium Prohibition Haid

Sentenced divorce