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Gail Luskin, BA

602 W. Tinkham Ave. Ludington, MI 49431


Professional Statement

Recent graduate nurse with clinical experience in diverse settings who is capable of
providing exceptional and loving care to all patients. Will take every opportunity to learn
and grow in ways to improve patient care.

Ferris State University
Big Rapids, MI
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
May 2015
Accelerated Second Degree Program
Hope College
Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences

Holland, MI
May 2013

Clinical Experience
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _

Munson Medical Center Traverse City, MI

General Medical/Geriatric, Orthopedic, Stroke/Neuro/Telemetry
May 2014 - May 2015
Student Nurse
Completed 30 weeks of Medical-Surgical nursing consisting of one to two 12-hour shifts
per week.
Applied the nursing process and demonstrated a safe standard of care through critical
thinking and ethical judgment.
Demonstrated nursing management of various medical conditions and gained comfort
with medication management.
Routinely managed the care of 2 to 3 patients.
Spectrum Health, Butterworth Campus and Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital
Grand Rapids, MI
Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Critical Care Nursing
Clinical Rotations Each rotation consisting of two 12-hour shifts
Student Nurse
Gained obstetric clinical experience by completing several newborn assessments and
assisting with sterile technique.
Performed pediatric nursing assessments and applied critical thinking skills to pediatric
nursing care.
Acquired basic skills related to critical care assessments, hemodynamic monitoring, and
the ability to care for the patient families.

Work Experience
Kilwins Chocolate Franchise Ludington, MI
Responsibilities: Reconciled the daily cash receipts and made deposits at the bank.

Responsible as head manager to catalog inventory and advise owner on products to be

purchased. Trained and supervised new employees.
2007 2014
Hope College Hope Fund Holland, MI
Phone Solicitor
Responsibilities: Responsible for phoning Hope College Alumni and Parents of Hope
College students for donations to the Hope Fund. Raised money for the Fund to cover
26% of the cost of educating each student which is not covered by tuition. Raised over
$100,000 for Hope students.
2009 2013
Private Home Holland, MI
Home Health Aide
Responsibilities: Assisted resident with Cerebral Palsy daily to get into and out of bed.
Prepared small meals and snacks. Provided medication. Helped with toileting and
emptying catheter bags. Helped with dressing and clothing preparation for the next day.
Provided company and conversation.
2012 2013
Private Home Ludington, MI
Home Health Aide
Responsibilities: Assisted employer of Kilwins in activities of daily living after being
diagnosed with cancer of the brain. Helped with bathing, toileting, meals, medications,
dressing, and assisting with mild housekeeping.
January 2014
Ferris State University, University Center Big Rapids, MI
Student Manager
Responsibilities: Continually assessed residence halls for damages throughout summer
semester and academic buildings in the fall semester. Responsible for overseeing the use
of academic buildings by student organizations during the fall semester.
May December 2014


Extremely hard worker
Loyal to facility and coworkers
Can adapt quickly in new environments
Manages time efficiently
Active listening skills
Ability to lead by example
Establishes relationships quickly
Dedicated patient advocate
Efficient in utilizing electronic medical records such as PowerChart

Volunteer Experience
Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital Grand Rapids, MI
2012 2013
Child Life Volunteer

Hope College CASA Program Holland, MI

2011 2012
Elementary School Mentor and Tutor

Ferris State University Student Nurse Association
2014 2015

References Upon request