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Arciniega, Marta
Iyamu, Constance; Macal, Glenda; Contreras, Maria; Portier, John; Schiener, Zilah; Watkins, Brittney; Cannata,
Audrey; Gamble, Shunte; Lopez, Adriana; Melton, Michelle; Villasana Martinez, Martha; Watkins, Kemberly; Ball,
Jody; Davis, Denecia; Davis, Myrtle; Heredia.Romina; Larrea, Maria; Pina, Sergio
Clark, Timothy; Roberts, Nikki; Frazier, Amey; Jones, Brandi; Khan, Camille; Guevara, Elizabeth; Montes,
Sandra; Cole, Maria
Tutorials and Interventions (Important Info: please read the whole email)
Thursday, January 15, 2015 4:30:00 PM

Good day teachers,

As we are getting ready to start another week after a well-deserved three-day weekend, it is our
intention to begin after-school tutorials ("Dragon Academy") and intervention groups next week (Jan
19th to the 23rd). I passed around a form for you to write down the names of the students you want
to recommend for the after-school tutorials and to work with our reading and math interventionists (and
Science for G5). The idea is to have struggling students as priority for working with the interventionists
and bubble students as priority for staying in the afternoons for tutorials. If you have not done so
already, please place the forms in my box in the front office or in room 604.
For your after-school tutorials you will be able to invite 8-10 students (this will imply around 4-5
students per class if you are team-teaching). The minimum amount of students you will need in your
classroom at any given after-school tutorial day is 6. I will be passing out the After-school tutorial forms
tomorrow so you can send them to parents.
We will be adopting Option #2 for our afterschool tutorials with a two hour session once per week. The
tutorials will start promptly at 3:50PM to 5:50PM. Tuesday - Reading, Wednesday - Math, and
Thursday - Science.
If you decide to work as an afterschool tutor, you will need to fill out and submit the attached form to
me today or tomorrow (This form is required for our Title I records). I will let you know your final
assignments and groups once I finish compiling the list of students.
We will have our interventionists working with students experiencing the most difficulties. As per Title I
guidelines, interventionists cannot work with more than 6 students at a time. The interventionists will
pull-out or push-in students in your classroom to work with them during the corresponding content
block. We will have one interventionist for Reading (G3-G5), one for Math (G3-G5), and one for Science
(G5). They will work with student groups for 35-40 minutes at a time (Schedules will be posted once
the names of students are compiled).
Please let me know if you have any question/concern.
Marta Arciniega, M.Ed.
Campus Compliance Coordinator
E.A. Jones, ES, Fort Bend ISD
Ph: 281-634-8721
NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: This electronic communication contains confidential student record
information intended solely for school business by the individual to whom it is addressed. Any disclosure
(verbal or in print), copying, distribution, or use of this information by an unauthorized person is
prohibited, and may violate FBISD Board policy (legal) and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA). Should you receive this electronic communication in error, please notify the sender immediately
at 281-634-8721. Thereafter, please delete the message.