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Graduate Attachment and Training Programme 2009

Our 6 months programme is designed to provide unemployed graduates with the opportunity to gain
practical work experience and enhance their skills, knowledge and competencies so as to improve
their employability to the market. Focusing on development, the programme aims to provide interns
with wide exposure (via attachments to the companies in Cyberjaya) and essential training support
at the early stages of their career.


• Local graduates (from local institute of higher learning)

with degree in any field
• CGPA 2.5 and above
• Positive attitude
• Good command of English and Malay
• Willing to learn and pleasant personality
• Priority will be given to those who are currently
• Good track record of extracurricular activities
• A Degree from recognized institution of higher learning
• Malaysian citizen

Benefits of the programme:

• Monthly allowance of RM1,600

• Incentive of RM1,200 for completion of 6-month
• Free training and development programme

Participating companies (monthly allowance for the interns will be paid by Cyberview):

The requirements:-

• Active company located in Cyberjaya

• Able to provide relevant on-the-job training exposure and

Company's Obligations:-

• To provide Job Description to the Programme Coordinator

• To provide sufficient on-the-job exposure based on the
curriculum set by the Coordination Team