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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program


Segyo Oh

Subject/ Topic/ Theme

Sgraffito History Lesson Grade ______Ceramics I__________

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
This explains where sgraffito came from and the history of it
cognitiveR U Ap An E C*

Learners will be able to:



R, U
R,U,An, E

Understand what sgraffito is

Know where sgraffito came from
Identify examples of sgraffito in art history

Common Core standards (or GLCEs if not available in Common Core) addressed:
(Note: Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular learners
write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

Identify prerequisite
knowledge and skills.

They need to be able to listen and look at the powerpoint screen

Pre-assessment (for learning): Have them write what word it sounds like

Outline assessment
(applicable to this lesson)

Formative (for learning): Have them write where sgraffito is from

Formative (as learning): Have them write what sgraffito is
Summative (of learning): Have them identity what sgraffito buildings they see in art history

What barriers might this

lesson present?
What will it take
emotionally, etc., for your
students to do this lesson?

Provide Multiple Means of

Provide options for perceptionmaking information perceptible

Provide Multiple Means of

Action and Expression
Provide options for physical actionincrease options for interaction

Information will be on the website

as well

They can discuss with friends and

talk about sgraffito

Provide options for language,

mathematical expressions, and
symbols- clarify & connect

Provide options for expression and

communication- increase medium
of expression

Provide options for sustaining

effort and persistence- optimize
challenge, collaboration, masteryoriented feedback

Provide options for comprehensionactivate, apply & highlight

Provide options for executive

functions- coordinate short & long
term goals, monitor progress, and
modify strategies

Provide options for self-regulationexpectations, personal skills and

strategies, self-assessment &

Defining what sgraffito is and what

graffito is. What scratching away
means as well for ESL students.


Provide Multiple Means of

Provide options for recruiting
interest- choice, relevance, value,
authenticity, minimize threats

Finding examples of sgraffito in art


Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and are they ready to

The powerpoint file, the projector (in class), a computer, the students computers, their sgraffito platter
projects to work on after the history lesson, small slips of paper, google doc that says Sgraffito from

Have the students come around and sit around the projector for the first 10mins of class.
How will your classroom
be set up for this lesson?
III. The Plan



Describe teacher activities

student activities
for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or
We will take a short break from working on our
The students sit at a desk near the projector.
sgraffito projects and I just want to talk to you
about the history of sgraffito. So come around to
the projector area. (Hand out pieces of paper). On
the paper that I am handing out try and guess what
the word sgraffito came from.


Collect the paper.


Sgraffito is a technique either of wall decor,

produced by applying layers of plaster tinted
in contrasting colors to a moistened surface, or
in ceramics
comes from the Italian word: graffiare
also from the greek word graffito to write:

(the largest
component or
main body of
the lesson)




has been used on walls since the 16th century

and is also found in African art, it had a
significant role in the years of the Re
naissance in Italy, and it can be found in
Wetter and Marburg, Austria, Germany
Show the powerpoint of pictures.
You are going to find photos like these online.

Now get into groups of three and look up sgraffito

buidlings or ceramic examples from the internet
and post it on the google doc with your group name
written on the file.
When you are done, keep working on your sgraffito



You should have carved away half of your design

by today. Good work!

The students start to clean up

Your reflection about the lesson, including evidence(s) of student learning and engagement, as well as ideas for improvement
for next time. (Write this after teaching the lesson, if you had a chance to teach it. If you did not teach this lesson, focus on the
process of preparing the lesson.)
I wanted the students to know where the root of sgraffito was and what they were doing. I wasnt able to teach this lesson, as it
wasnt a part of the teachers unit plan. However, it was really hard researching where sgraffito originated. My teacher just told me
that its been around for a long time, but I couldnt find any scholarly articles on sgraffito. However, images were easy to find, thats
why I made the lesson fitting to the students to find images and not information about sgraffito.