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Social Influences Lesson 1


April 13, 2015

de Level

Grade 7 Health


80 minutes


Safety and Responsibility


Olivia Meyer



Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to
promote safety for self and others.
Identify the effects of social influences on social influences on sexuality and
gender roles and equity; e.g. media, culture

Students will:
1. Make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and

Key Questions:


Watch as students are working on the mixed messages, sex in

advertising, and ME vs. TV.
How much do social influences affect me?
How much do social influences affect my opinions on sexuality and
gender roles?
How much sex is in advertisements?
Their mixed messages, sex in advertising, and ME vs. TV assignment.


Alberta Program of Studies


Internet websites of advertisements
Index cards
Masking tape

Prior to lesson

Attention Grabber

Assessment of
Prior Knowledge
Expectations for
Learning and
Transition to Body

Print off worksheets

Set up websites for examples
Set up whiteboard
Get music set up
Get index cards set up
Set up the tic-tac-toe
Introduction to sex in advertisements. Go over
guidelines and rules again.
- Get them to think about different types of social
influences that they have encountered. They will
then discuss doing a round robin with their groups
what they thought of.
They will work together to figure out where they have
encountered social influences about sexuality.
Students will behave appropriately and not act out during
different talks and discussions about sex. They will actively
listen and participate during activities.
Okay so today we are talking about different types of social
influences about sexuality, gender roles, and gender equality.


5 minutes

Learning Activity

One of the big things that you will be learning about today is
sex in advertisements.
Mixed Messages (students identify where messages about
sexuality come from, and how these messages influence ones
sexuality and decisions about sexuality)
- Hand out the worksheet
- Ask the students to fill in as many boxes as possible
with different sources of information about sexuality.
Examples may include family, friends, advertising,
internet, music, culture, religion, etc. This will be
some think time for about 2 minutes on just the
sources. Be clear that they are only thinking about
sources and not anything else.
- Get them to do a round robin at their table about
what they have come up with.
- Write down any extra sources that they have come
up with on different index cards.
- Make sure that they have all the boxes filled up on
the sources part.
- Once they have shared they can now think of
different messages that they have received from
these sources. They may be false or they may be
- They will be given some think time to think of
different messages that may have been given to
them from these sources.
- They will now work with their group to come up with
different messages that they came up with. They
should have all the boxes filled with messages now.
- They will now draw lines to each box from the ME
box that will identify the influence each source has
been on them. The thicker the line the more
influence that source has had on them.
- Now have studetns place a check-mark, X, or ? in
each box indicating whether they agree with,
disagree with or are unsure about the message they
receive from each source.
- They can do a mix-pair-share with their peers to
compare what they have and if they couldnt think of
a message for a box or if they agree or disagree with
each message given.
- As they are doing this bring up a continuum on the
- Give the students the source index cards. They now
get to identify if the source was not helpful,
somewhat helpful, very unhelpful. They get to come
up to the board and put it where they think it should
- Discuss the card placements as a group, and make
changes in placement if they are suggested by the
group. Explain these cards could be placed
differently by different people for various reasons.
- Debrief the activity by asking:
- What is it like to have so many different
messages coming from so many different
- Which sources seem to have the biggest
influence on you?


Teacher Notes:

Learning Activity

Which sources seem to be the most helpful for

promoting sexual health?
- How could the least helpful sources become
more helpful?
- If our society wanted to establish a consistent
set of sexual messages for youth, what would
you want those messages to include? Why?
- What can you do to cope with societys
confusing messages and take charge of your
sexual health in a positive way?
- As students are doing the round robin on different
sources walk around and listen to what they are
saying and that they are actually participating.
- As students are sharing and working walk around to
make sure students understand, are working, and
participating on activities.
- During the last activity make sure everyone is
Exploring Media Influence Using Advertisements (students
increase awareness of the sexual messages presented in
advertising and identify the effects of media influences on
- Introduce this activity using the following discussion
- How can we define media?
- Media is a term for the industrial forms of mass
communication. Media literacy is the ability to
use critical thinking skills to analyze media
messages from music videos and web
environments to product placement in movies
and virtual displays on NHL hockey boards. Its
the instinct to question what lies behind media
productions the movies, the money, the values
and the ownership and to be aware of how
these factors influence content
- What are the different media industries that try
to reach an adolescent audience?
- Write down the different industries identified by
the students. Examples may be (Advertising, tv,
movie, music, new, and internet)
- Which of these industries presents messages
about sexuality? They all present messages
about sexuality.
- What kind of messages does each of these
industries send? discuss each industry, looking
for similarities between industries.
- Divide the class into small groups (teams).
- Explain that the class is going to examine the
advertising industry and study the messages bout
sexuality that this industry sends to adolescents.
- They will have the handout on google classroom.
- Give them a list of advertisements that they can
choose from off of the internet to choose from.
- They have to answer all the questions about the
- Ask each group to present their advertisement
analysis to the class.
- Debrief the activity by asking:
- In the ads that we examined, what are the main


Teacher Notes:

Learning Activity

messages about sexuality being sent to

adolescents by the advertising industry?
Are these messages positive or negative?
Do the advertisements that we looked at send
messages that reflect your own values?
If the messages about sexuality given by the
advertising industry are contrary to our values,
what choices do we have?
- Encourage the producers to change the
- Discuss various way to do so such as writing
letters, speaking to people in the industry,
- Stop buying the products.

As students are working on the activity walk around to provide

scaffolding and that students are staying on task.
Team building activities!
- Math Race
- Each team will get the same amount of supplies
and they have to create the longest object that
they can by connecting all the pieces. The trick is
that they are not allowed to talk during this
activity. Students will be given a piece of string, a
stick of gum, a piece of paper, 10 paper clips, and
5 stickers.
Balloon toss
- The students will hold hands and they have to
pass the balloon without letting it touch the
ground. They cannot use their feet, but they can
use their knees and up. See who can go the
longest and then get them to go again.
- Human tic-tac-toe
- Get students to pick a team leader and they get
to place each of their team members on the grid
that is made out of masking tape on the ground.
- They will be versing against different teams.
- We will debrief after about communication.

Teacher Notes:

Watch as students are interacting with each other and doing

the activities.

Consolidation of

Google form.
- The students will respond to questions on the google
form as a closure.

Feedback From
Feedback To
Transition To Next



5 minutes

Their participation and their answers from the activities

Great job today! Wednesday we will be working on gender
Great job today! Wednesday we will be working on gender
Think about different types of stereotypes that have been
given to you and bring them to class for Wednesday.
ME vs. TV assignment and/or more team building activities.

Reflections from the