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EN 12072: W Z 19 13 Si NL

DIN (17000):
X 2 CrNiSiN 19 13 4
GTAW rod,
replaced by EN 12072 high-alloyed, high corrosion resistant
GTAW rod designed for joint welding of the special stainless steel grade X2CrNiSi18-15, mat-no. 1.4361
(BÖHLER A 610), which is resistant to the attack of highly concentrated nitric acid and of nitric acid addi-
tionally containing strong deoxidants. Also suited for cladding applications on analogous materials.
Operating temperatures up to 350°C.
The deposit does not require post weld heat treatment. In exceptional cases quenching from a tempera-
ture of 1100°C in water is recommended. Keep heat input as low as possible. Interpass temperature
should not to exceed 150°C. If possible, water cooling to improve heat dissipation is recommended.

Typical Composition of Welding Rod

C Si Mn Cr Ni N
wt-% ≤0.015 4.6 0.7 19.5 13.4 0.12
Mechanical Properties of All-weld Metal
yield strength Re N/mm²: 520 (≥440)
tensile strength Rm N/mm²: 750 (700-800)
elongation A (L 0=5d0) %: 35 (≥25)
impact work ISO-V KV J +20°C: 100 (≥40)
-50°C: ≥32
u untreated, as-welded – shielding gas Argon
Operating Data
shielding gases: 100% Argon ø mm
rod marking: 1.6
front: W Z 19 13 Si NL 2.4
back: 1.4361
Base Materials
1.4361 X1CrNiSi18-15-4

Approvals and Certificates


Same Alloy Filler Metals

SMAW stick electrode: FOX EAS 2 Si

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