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Subscriber time I worked at Mid-Day newspaper in
Olive O/Brien
is a freelance
Bangalore in India. This year I am back in my
hometown of Cork and have set up my own Perrv
the Play'ul Polar fear
joumalist and publishing company, Silver Angel Publishing,
childrerls writer and published my {irst book.' {
who has recently Peny the Playful Polnr Bear is illustrated by
published her first Nina Finn-Kelcey and is the story of Perrv
childrerls book, a lonely polar bear cub. All Perry wants is
Perry the Playful someone to play with. One day, he meets a
PolnrBear,tlttottgh baby seal called Sally, who is lost. The two set
her publishing off on an adventure to find Sally's family and ..-_*"-.__",:i
company Silver along the way, Perry discovers the true value $"**=A.".*i{@
Angel Publishing. of friendship and family. ByOUla0'Gri€n rtF!1r{.ii,rNttaliinniek-: a,,.,,-.:_.
Olive told Writers'News: 'This is a complete Oiive added: 'Having received positive
change of careerfor me, as I previously feedback from other authors, I was convinced
practised as a solicitor for several years. that I could make it work. I had full creative picture book, suitable for pre-school
Three years ago, I changed career and control over my book and I could choose my children or as an early reader for children
returned to university to study journalism. own illustratol, designer and printer. I have up to the age of eight. To purchase the book
I graduated with a Masters in Journalism already started on my second book, which will lor €8.99 (€8.35), visit Olive's website:
in 2007 from Dublin City University. I then be aimed at children of a similar reading age.' or email info@
travelled around the world, during which Perry the Playful Polar Bear is a full-colour

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