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Students thought that music class is all about practice and participation because four
or five day rehearsal, they need to play the music in order to perform. In addition, in the unit,
I am conducting Sahara Desert, and it focuses on the informal assessment, because in my
unit plan there are many creative activities, but I try to combined with some formal
assessments so that students, parents, and administrators understand and know how music
classes go. For the informal assessments, there is no grade, though it still allows teachers to
understand about the students. For the formative assessments, there is grade, and students
need to study or practice what they are learning. At the end of Unit, students will perform in
front of audience but before students perform to audience, I want students to have sectional
playing test as instrumental group in class.
In the first lesson, students learn about the composer Richard Meyer and talks about
how the composer writes the music Sahara Desert. The pre-assessment is the opening with
question of Does anyone know who Richard Meyer is? because they probably played his
music during their schooling. For the formative assessment, the question is on how does he
write this music Sahara Desert? and this time students are going to write one paragraph why
the composer wrote the music. For the summative assessments, students are going to write
about their personal reflection about the composer Richard Meyer and the music Sahara
In the second lesson, students are going to learn the history of Sahara Desert. For the
pre- assessment asking question of where is Sahara desert locate? and I will show the world
map that does not show the names of places, and students will answer them. For the
formative assessment, students will draw a Sahara desert in class as pair of group, and
students will turn their work to me. For the summative assessments, students are going to
write response of what they are thinking about the Sahara desert.

In the third lesson, students are going to rehearse the music from beginning to the
end. For the pre-assessment, I am going to ask the questions of whats the key signature of
the music and how about the tempo we play? I am trying to make sure students have been
practiced and listened the music. After that during rehearsal, I will ask the formative for
learning questions, what are the notes in measure nine, and how do we play those notes?
students are going to practice the measure that they have intonation problems. For the
summative assessments, students are going to record the music Sahara Desert and turn it in
to the teacher.
The fourth lesson begins with the question of What are the dynamics do we have in
the music? and How many are they? Students are going to say the names of dynamics,
count the dynamic, and tell the numbers. For the formative assessment, students are going to
write about the each dynamic definition on their own their paper and turn it in to teacher. For
the summative assessment, students are going play with the dynamic and play from the
beginning to the end and the teacher will keep conducting without resting.
For the final lesson, it starts with question of Do you remember what we talk and
practice yesterday? They will answer for dynamic. After that, students will have formative
assessmenstudents will answer for dynamic. For the formative assessment, each section will
perform in front of the class and t of writing personal reflection about performance in front of
the audience. For the summative assessment, each sectional member will play their part of
Sahara Desert to the other classmates.students will play on the stage.