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Final Major Project

Survey Results from Surveymonkey and Analysis

Initially I created a mind-map that

displayed my original ideas; I
showed these to the people I
surveyed so they could see my
thought process between the ideas.
This categorised my ideas and
helped me narrow down what
product I wanted to create, I could
also get reviews from other people
on if they would be interested in the
product. I carried out the survey
discussing my two final ideas, this
was the perfume advert and the
IPhone advert.


By creating this survey, I can get a

general ideas of the opinions of the
people I surveyed about weather or
not they like my product and if they
would be interested In buying it. This
provided me with useful secondary
research into my target audience.

From the results we can see that the
majority of the results agreed that
the perfume advert was the most
appealing to the audience. This was
the result that I intended to have
when I constructed the survey as I
had chosen the perfume advert
before as the confirmed option I
wanted to produce, however the
survey was constructed to gain
some constructive criticism from my
audience on there views about the
importance of each product.
By asking witch one of the products
is more appealing, I could gain
some knowledge on the interests of
the audience as appose to product
practicality, the data I gathered
confirmed that the audience agreed
that I should complete an advert for
the perfume product instead of the
IPhone product.



Question Two
From these results we can see that
the data is very varied, meaning
that the audience I researched
believed that the IPhone product is
not as important to them as other
products. Most of the results
suggest that the responses for this
product are mildly important to
them. This was a good data result
for me as I wanted to complete my
advert on the perfume advert, and
therefore these results show that
most of the audience viewed the
importance of the product quite low.
By asking this, I could generate a
clear way of understanding what
percentage of the respondents
viewed the product as a crucial
factor to there daily lifestyle, and
then I could compare the results
with the same question but base it
on a different product to analyse the
outcome. This would show me any
correlations between the products
helping me to distinguish between
them to choose my final product.

My third question asked the previous
question but it was based on my
other product that I wanted to choose
for the production. Fortunately the
results were satisfying as the
audience believed that this product
was a more important element in
there daily lifestyle. Fewer results
showed that the audience thought
this product was not important.
By analysing these data results, I
have gained secondary research into
my target audience on there
viewpoints of the importance of each
of my products, by viewing both
results I can conclude that the
perfume product will be the product I
will choose to create an
advertisement on; the survey for
each product helped me distinguish
the value of the products that the
audience views.

the fourth question I asked revolved
around the advertisement being
successful when they showcase their
product. From the results I had
gathered we can see that the
audience believes that the product
is advertised successfully most of the
time. This showed me that the
adverts they view of perfume
products dont seem to fail to
advertise there product.
By viewing these results, I can
understand that I must follow the
common traits that the perfume
companies use to advertise their
products, thus making a similar
advertisement with common factors
in the similar adverts to attempt to
display the product to the audience
successfully with a expectation that
the viewers will acknowledge the
advertisements intentions.

The next question askes the survey
takers what format they commonly
view these advertisements on, this was
a very good way of finding out the
sources of the platforms that the
viewers often see the adverts on. By
doing this I can aim to display my
advert more focused towards these
formats of viewing.
This helped me discover that most of
the audience view the adverts for
perfume on television. This was good
information for me as originally I was
going to base my advert through social
networking and internet sites, however
now I will aim to now focus on the
television side of the advertising.
Constructing this question helped me
understand the main format the the
audience uses to view products
advertised or the most common
platform they come across the adverts

Question Six

My sixth question asks the audience

if they are interested in the concept
of my advertisement, from the data
collected we can see that most of
the audience are interested in my
idea showing me that they are likely
to use the product.
The comments suggest that there is
a lot of opportunity to create a good
advertisement, the comment box
was created so the survey takers
can justify there response with a
message on why they chose a
specific answer. This was very
useful for me as I could analyse the
thoughts of the audience as I could
view the explanations from the
survey takers as well as the though
process and the reason to back up
there answer.



Onto my seventh question, I asked the
audience about sexualisation in the
advertisement industry. From the data I
have gathered, we can see the that
most of the audience believed that the
perfume adverts are very sexualised.
This helps me understand another
important factor in making a perfume
advertisement successful as I can
simulate the common traits of the
perfume and cologne adverts.
The comments for this question were
justifying the reasoning for making the
advertisement sexualised such as
making it appealing or aspiring to its
target audience, from these results we
can see that the advertisements are
successfully including the expected
elements in their advertisements. This
helped me gain knowledge on what I
needed to include in my advertisement
and weather the audience agrees on its
importance to the success of an advert.

My next question revolved around the
needed factors in ensuring the success
of a cologne or perfume
advertisement. This question could
only be answered by commenting witch
proved me with a more in depth
analysis into the personal opinions of
the survey takers. By viewing these
results we can see that the audience
believes that to make an
advertisement successful the
companies must ensure that they have
researched there target audience and
aim their product directly at the
specific audience to intend to cover
their needs and desires in the market.
This was very useful data as I could
understand that the audience is aware
of the advertisements intentions,
therefore I had to construct a question
on how I could make the advertisement
different but still interesting.

The ninth question I constructed
followed the previous question and
was based around successfulness of
a products advertisement. I asked the
survey takers if they would like to
view a different type of
advertisement or one that tis similar
to others. Gathering the data we can
see that most of the audience would
like to have a advert that follows the
expected traits but has a surprise
factor within to make it stand out
from other adverts in the market that
have the same intentions.
This helped me distinguish the
outlining factors that the audience
are not as happy to view, therefore I
could tweak my advertisements
proposal to suite a wider range of
people which then further expands
the chances of the advertisements

Question Ten
My final question revolved around
the topic of generalisation and
categorisation of the
advertisement. I asked about age
group, gender and class suitability
and most of the results I had
gathered suggested that they
believed the adverts can be too
specific in the market aiming their
product towards a narrow market
of people.
Nevertheless contrasting to this
many comments also suggested
that specialisation can be
important to the success of the
advertisement as the companies
must focus there product on a
certain point with research
ensuring their success to their
target audiences.