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Protest Report

See Athletic Code (Playing Rule) 8.01.W. Valid protest types are misinterpretation of playing rule, illegal substitution or reentry, or ineligible player. An umpires judgment may NOT be protested. This form must be submitted to the Big Apple Softball League Secretary, along with a copy of the score sheet signed by the umpire at the time of the protest, within three days of the incident in order for the protest to be considered. 1. 2. 3. 4. Protesting Team: Managers Name: Date/Time Of Game: Opposing Team: Umpire Name(s): Division: Phone #: Park And Field #: Opposing Manager:



Protest Type:

Misinterpretation of playing rule Illegal substitution or re-entry Ineligible player


Rule and Section pertaining to the Protest: (state rule and source ASA or League Athletic Code) Brief description of the game situation at the time of protest: (include the name(s) of player(s) involved and their team(s))



Signature of person submitting protest:


For more information, contact the BASL Secretary or BASL Commissioner.